Sunday, September 10, 2006

Let's Pretend....OK?

Could we pretend that it is Labor Day weekend? Like before all the plumbing problems when life was just peaceful and simple! That's where I'll start this entry. HB and I woke on that Saturday morning to the sound of hot air balloons drifting overhead and the whoosh of the propane tanks firing off. It was the 7th Annual Antelope Valley Sky Parade. We hurried up and got outside so we could see the balloons and we took several photos while standing in our backyard. Don't tell anyone but I was in my jammies! Here are just a couple....

Good ol' Smokey Bear....

This one had just drifted over our backyard....sorry about the glare spot.

We actually moved to this house in 2001 but it was after Labor Day so we missed the balloons that year. The first year we were here for the balloons was in 2002. They woke us up and when we heard them overhead we didn't know what the heck was going on! It was a little startling to wake up and hear such strange noises right outside the window. Plus the loudspeakers from the park are loud and can be heard, too. That year I think HB took some photos and later we walked down to the park to see what was going on.

Each year since then I always think I'll be ready for the balloons but I always forget and then they wake me up on Labor Day weekend.

I took soooo many photos this year that I don't think I can put them all on blogger so I have made an album that (I hope) you can see here. If this link doesn't work I'll have to try something else.

And just so you get an idea of where we live this is the street that we walk down to get to the this photo we were on our way home so the park would be in the opposite direction from this view.

This is our street.....and once again it was on our way home from the park.

And this shows the hills off to the south of us.

I love to be able to look out the windows and see the hills. I guess growing up in Illinois where everything is flat as a pancake makes any little hill seem exciting to me!!


  1. I'd love to have a baloonfest that near to me. Cool!

  2. Beautiful photos Janet. Loved the energizer bunny!
    Your sky and hills look so pretty in those pics..

  3. I find our little valley exciting after growing up in near the city. I still get excited every day I go out and see the glorious sky and hills surrounding us. Those baloons are so pretty. We get a few here too, but not like that! Wow!

  4. Ooooh, seeing your photos with the desert hills made me MISS the desert! We are wanting to move back to Barstow when my husband retires from the Army! I miss the pretty sunsets with the hills!!!! And the DRY heat...we get humid heat out here in GA!

  5. Anonymous12:13 PM

    The clouds in the sky are beautiful too.

  6. MMmm,, those balloons are so pretty. The town I grew up in Northern Alabama had a Balloon festival every Memorial day week-end,,and still do. They would come right over our house too.
    I am like you,,I love hills too. Alabama was flat,,but Tennessee has lots of hills. Thanks for sharing your pics!


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