Monday, September 25, 2006

Lookin' Out My Back Door....

As promised earlier, I am going to share with you something that happened over the weekend. First of all, HB and I had planned to get away for the weekend as part of my birthday celebration. But that didn't happen. We postponed our getaway until a bit later. That way my birthday just keeps going and going kinda like the Energizer bunny!!

Quite some time ago HB had started to replace the edging on a raised planter area that runs the length of one side of our backyard. There were old, log-like pieces of wood that had obviously been there way too long. They were almost completely rotted when we finally pulled them out. HB replaced them with blocks and built a wall along the raised planter area on that side of the yard.

He planned to extend the wall along the back part of the yard but ran out of time (and energy!) Well, the blocks sat stacked up beside the house all winter and all summer until recently when HB finally decided to just hire someone to finish the wall.

So on Friday morning "Joe" came to begin the process. He gave us an estimate that we both thought was extremely low!

Joe worked all day Friday, showed up early Saturday morning and worked until almost dark, then came back on Sunday morning to finish the project....all that on an estimate of $180!! When he finished, the wall was beautiful! HB and I had discussed it and we both agreed that in good conscience we could not pay the guy just $180 for all the work he we doubled it. Joe was thrilled, we were happy and we have a nice new planter wall along the back yard.

It looks o much prettier when you actually see it. This is what it used to look like. I took this photo lookin' out my back door!!!

This is a closer look. I was standing to the left of the first photo. I love the rounded curve around our raywood ash tree. Joe put some of the plants in pots and planters to get them out of the way while he built the wall. He offered to replant them for me but I said I would do that because now I can move some of them around.

This is the side where HB started the wall. Joe finished this side and re-did an area that we decided to change from what HB had done....he had put in a curve around some flowers that we just decided to move. So now it's just a straight wall.

I think it looks very nice, finishes the edge of the yard and gives me a fantastic place to put plants. Now I just have to get get the old stuff re-planted and get some new stuff to fill in and it should look beautiful.


  1. WOW!!! I think it looks like something on HGTV,,like curb appeal. Joe is really good!! How lucky you and HB were to find him. It doesn't even look like the same backyard. Thats almost like another birthday present. I know your loving it. Go to my blog,,,I just had to tag you today, Sweet Janet!!
    Have a great Toosday tomorrow!

  2. OK Janet, sorry but you've been tagged by me too, go reap the benefits by visiting my site. But only do the part about the book (the first one) I didn't tag anyone on the 2nd (Beth got you anyway) because I don't know enough people on here. LOL

  3. Great looking wall and the price was such a bargain!
    I was thinking of tagging you, but it looks like you'll have plenty to do!

  4. How beautiful. Just in time for you to sit outside and marvel at it. Good for you. Doesn't it feel great when your house gets something done to it!

  5. Hi Janet: yes isn't Katherine Hepburn such a strong woman. I really admire her on many levels. The book I quoted is a National Geographic book.

    I really like the raised border beds in your backyard. Nice stone (or whatever they are called) choice you made. Raised beds are what I did with my house that I tried to own once upon a time. Did it for my back. I could sit and garden that way.

    Looking forward to seeing your 5 wierd things from Beth's tag. LOL

  6. Sounds like Joe is rather a jewel, not often younget people underestimating the value of their work. He's done a good job and it looks great and now you have the fun of re-arranging stuff!
    Yes, finally got the photo and links on the sidebar over the weekend, I tried and tried on my own and finally got DH to help, he seemed to understand what you wrote in your e-mail! Computer language actually means something to him whereas it's a totally foreign language to me. The photo is my 60th birthday one just before we went out to dinner. You still have good times to come for yours by the sound of it.

  7. First off Happy Birthday Janet! I haven`t been able to read my fav blogs lately and am now trying to catch up and I can see I`ve missed a lot.
    Your edging looks lovely! I`m going to attemp to make a raised veggy garden next spring. Raised because we live on very wet land and the spot I want gets extra wet.


  8. That's amazing....all that for a quote of $180....can "Joe" come up here? It looks beautiful!!

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  10. Janet, can you just parcel Joe up and send over to me, what a gem a good cheap workperson. I wish I could find one. The wall looks great.


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