Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Plumbing Update

Hi everyone! I really appreciate all the good thoughts sent our way over the past few days and all the nice comments you left for me.

Would you believe that this morning we finally got a plumber out here to track the leak for us!! We have been without hot water since this all began on Monday! We heat water on the stove to take sponge baths (as my grandma used to call them) and do dishes etc. But the laundry is piling up and I hate going to a public laundromat.

Well, now for the bad news. The leak is (in the words of the plumber) in the worst possible location. HB is going to do part of the work himself so he will need to jackhammer out a large hole in the floor, dig down about 18" and then tunnel under the supporting wall (it could be 14" thick) that seperates the house from the garage. It sounds like tons of fun ahead for us! The leak is somewhere under that area.

When the hole is dug then the plumber will return and make the necessary repairs. And here's the kicker....IF it can be repaired!!!!!

I am pretty sure I will be offline for several days. The whole house is in chaos. I guess I'm not supposed to be creative right now because I sure won't have any time for fun stuff until this problem is fixed.

On a happier note....we will be replacing the carpet thoughout the office and family room area. That's something we have talked about doing ever since we bought this house in 2001. That part makes me happy. Ya gotta find some bright spot in all of this!!


  1. This is really tough and sounds like a huge amount of hard work for HB. I'll miss your blog and your comments so don't be away too long. While you're gone I'll try and get that sidebar stuff sorted!
    Take care.

  2. I will be thinking of you Janet....when you have time check out the cemetery post on my will like it! Good Luck with the floor! I don't envy you!

  3. Be thinking of you too Janet and hoping the plumber can fix it for you. What a load of work and mess!
    Will be keeping watch to see how things go.


  4. Janet,
    I'll be thinking of you. Hope it's not as complex as it sounds! Maybe it will turn out to be an easier fix.


  5. will miss you....I hope this all gets resolved soon and that in the end it's a repair that is easy and quick to fix. I might not be as calm as you seem to be with all the turmoil, I admire that you found a bright spot!

  6. ACK!!!

    I hope things go the best they can possibly go and you can come back to Blogsylvania soon.


  7. Thinking of you Janet, I know what it is like, I once had a leak under a house we lived in and the dining room floor had to be lifted, and it was a concret floor, so I can imagine the muddle you are living in. Never mind, at least you have the new carpet to look forward to. Hope the leak is mendable.

  8. Oh I am so sorry Janet!! What a pain in the #^& thats going to be! We had a terrible leak under our hall floor,,but the good part was I got laminate flooring out of it. And your getting new carpet!!
    I will be thinking about you,,and missing you! I am still sick and trying so hard to get better!

  9. Hi Janet: This is lasting too long. Sponge baths can be fun, but not for those who sit next to us huh? LOL Yes, I'm just teasing. Let us all know when things get back to normal in your place there.


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