Friday, September 22, 2006

So Many Wonderful Things....

I had the most amazing birthday yesterday! Thank you to all the bloggers who stopped by and left messages for me. I just love you all!

My daughter called to say Happy Birthday and I no sooner hung up the phone than it rang again and it was my son calling to wish me Happy Birthday! Now that may not seem like such a big deal to some of you but my son lives in a small town in Alaska. He has no phone, doesn't own a car, and usually works just about every day. But yesterday he had the day off, and he got a ride into town, bought a phone card and called me.

In the afternoon the doorbell rang. It was the mailman delivering two packages for me. One from my oldest and dearest friend, Gail, who lives in Florida....remember, she was the one who sent me those boxes full of yarn several months ago!! And the other one from the sweetest, most creative person I know, my friend Kathy who is facing a serious surgery in a few months.

Both boxes were just stuffed with the most wonderful gifts.

I tried to get close-up photos of some of the items but my little camera just won't do that! From Gail, the most wonderful vintage craft book, a beautiful purple scarf made from a gauze-y, flowy material, an incredible little notecard with the tiniest crocheted flowers I've ever seen, a pair of gorgeous earrings, and a cute, tiny little crocheted basket that Gail did....she has only recently learned to crochet so that was extra special. Everything was wrapped in a fantastic dragonfly paper and then in gold tissue paper.

She wrote that the little notecard with the crocheted flowers was made by a retired woman who helps out at a thrift shop. I can't imagine how she makes such tiny flowers! The notecard is only about 3 1/2" X 5" (there's a photo of it in the collage below)

From Kathy, all Mary Engelbreit items (she knows I love her) a cute picture frame, a small round treasure box, some adorable teapot-shaped thumbtacks, a couple of magnetic notepads, a tea towel, and a teapot-shaped tin with cherry flavored tea inside. She also sent me a pretty bookmark card done by Marjolein Bastin....I love her artwork, too! And everything was wrapped in a huge sheet of handmade paper with tiny purple hearts.

I made a collage of the cards they sent.....

The card from Gail says "Dream When we take time to dream we discover the many windows to our soul" by Isabela Burani. Gail has sent me a couple of cards from this series and I love them. In fact I have them framed and they were hanging on the office wall right beside my desk....until we had the fiasco in there!

Who could ask for better gifts? These two friends know just what I like! They have spoiled me rotten!