Friday, October 27, 2006 they make the woman??

I'm not a fashion plate. I have a lot of difficulty finding clothes I like and ones that actually fit me. In my younger days I loved clothes. I had to have everything match, and it had to be the latest style. If I bought a new dress, then I also bought shoes and a purse and jewelry to go with it. I was a very slim person "back in the day" and seldom had any trouble finding clothes I liked.

Now I'm older and all the clothes today seem to be made for someone 16 years old who is a size 0!! Do manufacturers just not realize that everyone is not the same?! I think most clothes are boring, and no matter how many stores you go to they all have the same thing....just at different prices.

The other thing that confuses me is how everyone is always talking about how much bigger people are getting, and how many obese people there are and yet the clothes keep getting smaller! Am I the only one who thinks this is odd??

And clothes that are made for "larger" people usually are styled to emphasize all the wrong things! They will have horizontal stripes, or sleeves that puff or fall at the heaviest part of the arm. I just don't get it!

I still like to look at beautiful clothes and I've always liked unusual things. If I were a younger person today I would probably dress really weird! I have never wanted to look like everyone else. One catalog I get in the mail always has the kind of things I like even though I would never wear them at my age!

Here are some boots and shoes from Anthropologie that I think are cool....

I especially like the green crocheted boots and the purple leather ones. I think the pixie shoes are adorable. I told you I like odd things!!

The sweater below is another item I would wear but not with that yukky gray tee shirt underneath! I like the sweater with all the embellishments on the shoulder and the big scoop neckline. And the little flared sleeve is very nice.

Most of the time I wear jeans and either a tee shirt or a sweatshirt. That's about as fashionable as I get these days but I still love to look at clothes. I love long swishy skirts, filmy little shawls, lots of jewelry, and boots (that's how I used to dress)....I think I should have been a gypsy!! What kind of things do you like? And do you actually wear them or are you like me and just dream about them??


  1. The page of shoes and boots is way cool! I don't like the ones in the lower right corner, but the other three pairs are fab!

  2. I like classic, elegant clothes but in vibrant colours - my photo has that fabulous jewel blue jacket but mostly I love all the autumnal, earthy tones. Like you I wear mostly trousers and a sweater or a shirt most days, walking the dog in the woods and gardening and housework don't really call for high heels and silks and satins do they:)? For going out though I do have some rather dressy clothes and I love wearing things like that. Don't like shopping for them though! What I really would like is a wardrobe full of the wonderful clothes from the 1930s and the chance to wear them on the Orient Express, the Normandie, doing winter sports at St Moritz, a few weeks in winter at the Winter Palace hotel in Luxor - dream on!

  3. I like a certain look in clothes too, but it's hard to find things that are age appropriate. Therefore, my "uniform" seems to be jeans and a top
    or capris and a t, depending on the weather. I really dress up when we go on cruises though!

  4. Anonymous4:04 PM

    I hear you Janet !
    I don't know many ladies my age who take a size 0.
    I choose classic things when I shop, though I don't like shopping for clothes, since I'm no longer the svelte young thing I once was.I tend toward basic black and like separates that I can put together with bold scarves and coloured accessories.For pottering about I do like jeans, but the ones I own will be the last as I have a fear of being the old lady in denim that every one has a laugh at.

  5. I agree if I was young today I would be really individually or weirdly dressed. The kids I know locally all complain about school uniform, but out of school they all wear the same clothes, hoodies, jogging bottoms or baggy jeans etc don't they see thats a uniform too? I love long skirts, especially indian material, all swishy, I have boxes of shawls and scarfs. I hate trousers, never wear them. Day to day I usually wear tshirt and floral skirts.

  6. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Ooh, I like your style and sense of style.
    I like clothes that are out of the ordinary, feminine and fun.
    Sometimes I am too shy to wear something that "makes me stand out."

  7. I'm not so sure clothes make a woman, but they sure determine what others think of us when they look at us. We can be invisible, or the brightest light in the room, depending on the garb.

    I just caught your proud Mom post below about your daughter. That was so sweet of you to do for her, as well as for your own proud self. I think my favorite is in the little nighty with the bottle, walking across the floor. So cute. So cute.

  8. I loved your comments on is too true. How about the pants for larger women. The ones with the baggy legs and sagging crotches. UGH. I would love to spend all my time in jeans and t-shirts too. I work in a field where I have to dress up...mostly suits...The first thing that I do when I get home is get into my jeans and sneakers. Nice comfortable stretch jeans.
    I also have large feet...(size 11) It is almost impossible to find larger shoes in this area. I haven't bought a pair of shoes that I've really liked in years. If I find a pair that fits I buy them in every color available. And if they only have 1 color..I buy 2 pairs of the same color. I don't like living in a city but that would be one of the benefits...having stores that sell large shoes!!!

  9. I have always loved clothes too; everything always matched. Now I live through my daughter helping her to pick things out. Being unique has always been important to me. I could have written this post almost verbatim….that’s how much it applies to me….I hate the clothes for heavy women….what’s with all the floral patterns, cat shirts, and things that don’t cover your bum. My goodness, I have many longer coats. If I find something appealing, which is rare, I like to buy it in a few different colors. I love to dress funky and wear funky jewelry. If I was young today I would have a real gypsy, bohemian style, lots of the hippy era crushed velvet, beads, bright colors. Also some gothic style too.. I usually wear loose fitting black dresses, made from light material, long jackets and great jewelry, mainly because I am always hot. I add layers. In the winter I wear flares a few different styles with really long sweaters coats, or thin coats with fur, or colored blazers,a few jean jackets and many colorful tops, sometimes black sleeveless ones too…rarely patterned. I love shoes, but prefer more comfort now….so that desire falls by the wayside….I really enjoy watching my daughter in all her fun outfits, tiny thing that she is! There isn’t much selection for heavy women……someone would have a great market if they could get it right. We like to look stylish people, get with the program!!! Sorry…. that’s my plea to the universe!

    Peace and giggles


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