Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Couple of Late Bloomers

We all need to stop and smell the roses and I'm no exception. Since Labor Day it seems that I've been on a non-stop roller coaster ride and it has had lots of ups and downs. I think I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel....I sure hope it isn't a train!!

We are making good headway on the house, the yard sale is behind us, and we have a lot less stuff cluttering up our lives. My new eating regime is going really good. I've lost a few pounds just in the past week and that's always a nice thing to happen to me. I'm hoping that a lot more pounds will leave this body in the next few months! I'm tired of carrying them around!

HB is doing a lot of research on finding us a place to retire. Some of you already know that we are looking in the TN/KY general area. We would like to find a place with a little bit of land and an older house. I'm tired of living in newer houses. They all seem to look the same. I want a house with some character. And a front porch. I want a front porch to sit on and watch what Mother Nature has to offer.

Hopefully there will be a big room that I can turn into a studio/computer room. And a workshop for HB so he can continue to make his wood sculptures. (You will have to scroll down to the end of that post to see it.)

He has two more right now that he has either on paper or in his mind. I think he has parts of one cut out and waiting for him.

I guess we're just a couple of late bloomers! We're both just finding our creative selves and learning to express what we have in our heads.

So it is a good thing to stop and smell the roses when we have a chance. We have several right outside our front door.


  1. I really like this post. Very positive and upbeat. Sounds like a front porch would have been nice for you today. LOL I totally agree with you about old vs. new houses. I really like the older ones too. I like window moldings and glass door knobs and older kitchen cabinets etc. Just more personality. Have a great week. I'm off to the dentist. Oh yea, fun . . . . when it is over.

  2. It's never too late! I think the location and atmosphere you both seek is ideal...I long for a view and waking to something other than concrete and noise. Your husbands wood scultpure is fantastic, very fluid, so talented the 2 of you are. AND I checked out your Flickr pics, you have been hiding missy, all of it is wonderful!!!!

  3. I, too, suffer from GERD! I thought I was having a heart attack and ended up in the hospital only to discover I had a big hole in my esophagus from GERD! And I never had heartburn in my life! So eating the way you described WILL work and you will drop some pounds, lo and behold! KY/TN are incredible areas for good prices on Real Estate. It's one of my dreams to live there with the front porch and everything! Keep us posted on the real estate Search!

  4. Gorgeous photos, Janet!

    I wish the place next door to me had a NICE older house instead of a dinky dumpy one, then maybe you and HB would buy it and move in. :-)

  5. I've always thought that a big wrap around porch would be lovely too!
    A place for you to do your creative things sounds great!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

  6. Janet, I would have loved to have had a rummage around at this yard sale. I would have probably staggered home with a vast pile of craft magazines. I there are a lot of us who are late bloomers creatively,we need the time and an empty nest to prod us into action.

  7. Blogger wouldn't let me comment yesterday when I was here! The late roses are lovely. I love the sound of a wrap around porch, it's one of the things I love about old colonial houses in the US and I've seen them in South Africa too. They always look so attractive and I'd love to sit out there on a comfy wicker chair. One of the things about being retired is that it gives you the time and freedom to explore all sorts of possibilities - new crafts, travel and so on. Sounds like you are both having a ball.


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