Thursday, October 12, 2006


When I was a teenager it was cool to be seen parked at Steak 'n Shake on Eldorado Street in my hometown. Or at Elam's Root Beer Stand....they had the best root beer and huge breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches. Eldorado Street was the place to cruise and be seen. My first apartment (by myself) was on Eldorado and I could open the front window in the kitchen and climb out onto the roof and watch traffic go by at night. Cars cruisin' back and forth, up and down the street into the wee hours of the morning. I thought it was just so exciting.

But in today's world cruisin' usually means cruisin' the web....and that's what I've been doing. Sometimes I can get lost for hours going from website to website, plunging ever deeper into cyberspace to locate intriguing artwork and blogs.

I found this artist's work to be just down right dirty!! Nothing X-rated so don't be afraid to click on the link....and be sure to check out the gallery.

Next I found this artist's blog. She has some very interesting artwork. I especially like her Halloween Calendar Book.

Being that beading is one of my growing interests, I thought this site was just beautiful. There are also links to fiber and paper collage as well as a doll gallery. Lots of good stuff to look at here!!

This next one is an interesting blog. Lots of collage, some jewelry, and just an interesting assortment of artwork. Find it here.

Mostly I like to cruise around the web late at night after HB has gone to bed. I'm much more of a night owl than he is so I usually stay up later. I guess cruisin' at night is an old habit to break.


  1. Janet I will forever now think of you "cruisin" the streets of the blog world at night when I think of you dear friend! :o)

    I will come back a little later and take a look at the lovely blogs you have found.

    have a nice night cruisin!

  2. Hi
    Thank you for the beautiful Rose its gorgeous. I tried to comment there but blogger kept giving me
    the runaround....Still cruising
    Internet Ave. @ night ...see you there!

  3. what a clever post my friend....and I will check out the links for sure! I am the night owl too so that is when I do a lot of "cruisin" myself. You just never know what you will stumble upon in those late hours!!
    I love your drawing btw - keep it up Janet - I want to see more!

  4. LOL, now you've given me a reason to let my car get dirty..
    Oh and TY for the rose, it's such a simple, but thoughtful gesture!!!

    Thanks!! Peace, Kai.

  5. Waht wonderful sites your cruize around in. We still have a few "Steak and Shakes" left around here.


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