Saturday, October 28, 2006

Do You Believe in Signs??

Daisy Lupin has asked people to write a scary story for Halloween. I'm not much of a writer and this isn't scary but I thought I would share it with you anyway.

My mom was a very private, reserved person. She seldom, if ever, talked about anything that was actually personal. Maybe she talked with other people but certainly not with me. I used to joke that after we covered what was happening with my kids and the weather, there wasn't much left to discuss!

She even kept her illness from everyone, including her sisters. No one knew that she had lupus. We all thought she had a bad heart....and I guess she did but it was most likely caused by the lupus. At least that's what the doctor told me after my mom died.

Because she was such a private person she had always told me she wanted to be cremated. She said she didn't want people looking at her when she was dead. That if people couldn't be bothered to come see her when she was alive, then they weren't going to get to see her after she died!

I learned about the lupus the last time my mom was hospitalized. A nurse told me my mom's feet were turning black because of the lupus....I guess I had a dumb look on my face because she said "you did know, didn't you?" which I had to reply "no."

The nurse walked down to the nurse's station, got a book, came back and let me read a brief description of lupus. That was my first knowledge of the disease.

My mom died a few days later. I was with her at the time. That was in 1978. I am an only child so everything was up to me now. I had to make all the arrangements. I followed my mom's wishes to a "T"....telling the mortuary that NO ONE was to be allowed to see my mom. That made some people in my family very mad at me but that was the way my mom wanted it.

Knowing how private she was, when it came time to talk about the cremation, they asked me if I wanted my mom to be dressed or to be left nude. Well, that was a no-brainer! I could just imagine what my mom would do if I sent her off in the buff!!

So I went shopping and bought her a lovely negligee outfit. She always loved pretty lingerie. I provided the mortuary with the negligee set, plus a bra and panties. I know this may sound gruesome but it is leading to something very important.

My mom was cremated and the remains were turned over to me. I remember driving home with the urn beside me thinking that my mom was with me. I set the container on the mantle when I got home and it remained there for several months. Then one day I got curious! I had seen movies where they scatter the ashes of someone and it always looked like fine powder.

I sat with the container for quite sometime and talked to my mom. Finally I opened the container and looked inside. Right there on top was a scorched hook from a bra! And the remains were not powdery dust but more like little chips of bone. I closed the container and never opened it again.

In 1979 I moved myself and my kids from IL to CA and my mom came along. She always had a prominent spot in my home and I usually surrounded her with books on a bookshelf because she loved to read. Must be where I get it from.

The transition to CA was anything but easy. There were many drastic things that happened to me when we moved here and I had a pretty hard time of it for several years. One particularly bad stretch came along and I was almost at the end of my rope. I was renting a little house, was several months behind in the rent, didn't have a job, and was trying to keep my family together. On one particular day I was sitting in the little bedroom of my house....sitting on the bed....and I was crying and trying to think of some way to pull myself together.

I began talking to my mom. I remember just spilling my guts and asking her why I couldn't seem to make things work. I asked her to help give me some kind of sign. Something to let me know she was looking out for me.

As I sat there on the bed I felt something hit the top of my head. Not hard but something that just barely got my attention. I looked up and the ceiling was just as it always was. I shook my head a bit and with my hand felt the top of my head. I felt something very small in my hair. I pulled it out and looked down at my hand. There lay a small scorched bra hook!

Now some people may not believe this but I telling you it actually happened to me. I never opened the container to see if the hook was still there. Somehow I know it isn't!! And I took that as a very clear sign that my mom was looking after me. Things did improve and I've never found myself in that low of a spot since.


  1. That is a very eerie story - but I'm glad that your mum is still looking out for you and that life got better eventually. I don't think I'd have looked to check whether the bra hook was still there either!

  2. That IS a good story.....Oooo !!!!The true life stories are the scariest! Also reassuring to know your Mom was there the whole time...

  3. This was a great story Janet! I've had several little "signs" from my Mom as well.
    She was another who didn't want anyone viewing her after she was gone.
    Thanks for sharing this...

  4. What a wonderful story. I think your mother and mine were made from the same pattern.Mine didn't want anyone looking at her once she was gone either, and wanted to be cremated. She was a very private person and although she had told me about her early years, my sisters never knew.I believe your mother was and is watching over you, taking care of you as she did in life.Thank you for sharing this with us, xx

  5. Great ghost story, spooky and loving all at once. I'm happy your mother gave you this final happy memory:-)

  6. Anonymous4:09 PM

    That's a very good story.
    My father was also the same way. He didn't want anyone looking at him. He had said,"I don't want anyone making a fuss over me."
    I have lots of dreams about him.

    I miss him.

  7. ok, I have sufficient chills over that one! WOW, I am speechless and that's hard for me. Your mother seemed to realize that just letting you know she was looking out for you was enough to help turn things around.
    p.s. my mother feels the same way.

  8. Great story Janet, I believe you totally, can I post on the story circle site you haven't said?

  9. I find that story very comforting.

    (I've had signs from my mom too.)

  10. Janet, your story is now posted on my Great Story Circle. xx

  11. What a beautiful story - thank you for sharing ...

  12. I'm glad you posted that amazing story. I've had a visit from my mom too, unsolicited, thru a psychic who could not possibly have known the message she delivered.

  13. Excellent story….truth is stranger than fiction for sure! Such a proud woman my mother didn't want to be viewed after death either. So my brother and I did her hair and makeup immediately upon her death. Everything you say is very believable,with many signs from the spirit world, I found I became even more spiritual after my parents were gone! I love this story!

  14. Janet...........Gosh! I believe! :o)

    what a great story and your mum must be so proud of you my dear friend.

    I know I loved the story and she would too!!!!!!believing the signs is a good thing.

    Have a lovely day and I will be back again soon.

  15. What an amazing story Janet! That indeed was a sign. I don`t want anyone looking at me way.


  16. I love that story and firmly believe your mom we there tellling you to "hold together".

  17. Hi, I came here from Gemma whom I came to from Tinker--you just had yourself an ADC!
    An after-death-communication.
    I've had several myself from my little brother--we are not alone.
    Thanks for sharing this story--I would love to link here and would love to start collecting stories of ADC's from all over.
    Sorry for your loss but the true is we haven't lost anything.

  18. Oh my gosh, Janet! I just found this story, and I have to tell you it both gave me shivers and brought tears to my eyes! What an amazing life story. I really do believe in an afterlife, and I think our loved ones can continue to look after us. As a mom, that feels very comforting to me to know.


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