Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fall Festival

I promised photos of the Fall Festival, and I should have kept my big mouth shut!! I took my camera with me but most of the craft vendors wouldn't let me photograph their things. I'm not sure why because most of it was stuff you see everywhere!

I was sadly disappointed with the festival. When HB and I first moved here, the festival was held in a smaller park on the other side of town. We went every year and always found lots of interesting things to buy at the craft tents. Last year they moved the festival to the bigger park and we thought it wasn't nearly as good. But we gave them the benefit of the doubt that maybe the first year in the bigger park was just a period of adjustment and that this year it would be back to its usual quality. WRONG!!

First of all, we walked down to the corner where there is an entrance to the park (and where we entered last year) but it was fenced off. And there were no signs or anything to tell you where to go to get in! We finally found it....HB, me and several other people who had also walked down!

This first photo is kind of an overview of the tents in the craft area....

It was still a bit overcast but luckily the rain had stopped....

The craft section was a big disappointment. Most of it was like this....kinda out-of-date stuff....

There was also a lot of jewelry....stuff you see everywhere! Nothing really unusual or creative. There was even a tent with crocheted ponchos! Those are really not "in" anymore. A few tents with bath bombs, candles, etc....but once again, nothing really unusual.

And there was a lot of stuff like this!! I don't consider this to be craft items. I can go to any mall or pick up any home decor catalog and find this kind of stuff.

There were a few tents with Halloween/Autumn crafts like these but not like you would think....Sorry for the angle but I kinda had to sneak this photo!

This tent had bird houses....They seemed to be hand made. The only reason I was able to get this photo was I zoomed in and they weren't aware of it!

Here is another view of the craft tents....there were quite a few of them but they didn't have much content!

Lots of these little food stands scattered around throughout the area....HB had some kind of polish sausage but I refrained!! Most of the food at these kind of events is just NOT what I can eat!

I think this little guy wanted to go home!

After walking all around this little bench looked very inviting!

Lastly, I took this photo because I love the grape-themed jacket this woman is wearing!

We heard some good music though. That's one thing they had plenty of. They have several really large tents scattered around and each one has some different kind of music. One of the most popular acts is Nuns for Fun. They are a group of women dressed as nuns and they sing mostly rock 'n' roll tunes but they change the lyrics to have a somewhat religious tone. The first time I saw them I wasn't sure what was going on!!

We stopped to listen to some jazz and then walked on to find the Cadillac Angels who did rockabilly music. They were good!!!

Sadly, we walked all over and not once did I see the stilt walkers! They were the one thing I really wanted to see! They always have outrageous costumes and makeup and look very theatrical. But if they were there I didn't see them.

It was an ok day but not the best. I'm sorry the photos are so bland. I had high hopes for lots of fun, interesting photos to share with you.


  1. What a shame you were so disappointed, this lack of real crafts at craft fairs must be a worldwide phenomenon because it's the same here. The 'Country Crafts' seem to consist largely of jewellery made from stuff imported from the Far East or sweaters and cardigans knitted by machine. Yet there are lots of real craftspeople around, I know several women who do natural dyeing, spinning, weaving etc yet most of the stuff at fairs is pretty ordinary to say the least. Can't think why they wouldn't allow photos of their stands - did they think you were going to steal their very unoriginal ideas? If you wanted to do that you could buy a couple of items and just copy them! Still,think positive - at least it didn't rain!

  2. that is not fair when you ahve your hopes up for a great day filled with new and interesting crafts and it turns out to be not what you were expecting.

    I think the sneak photos you did a very good job at getting well done to you Janet.

    See youa gain real soon my friend.

  3. My favorite photo is the one of the bench. That was pretty!

    It's disappointing when things don't go as we hoped, but at least you got out and tried seeing the sights. Not your fault the sights didn't live up to what you hoped to see! :-)

  4. Thanks for the review! I had to miss it yesterday because of Michaels bead event. Today is yarn event, 1 to 5 pm (drop by if you get a chance) so I'll miss it today too. Sounds as if I'm not missing much.

  5. We have the same problem here too Janet. It seems that there`s always a lot of wooden stuff....signs, shelves, you name it along with the typical like you saw.


  6. isn't that so disappointing when things are so ho-hum at these things? Not that I would in any way negate someones's just that I love to be inspired and wowed. The brochure of the event looked amazing but it doesn't sound like it lived up to that cover photo. Look at this way, it was a walk outside and you heard fun music...all was not lost. :)

    p.s. I wish SO badly we had a fireplace (referencing your other post). I LOVE them and the smell and the way they can hypnotize and cozy up a cold day!

  7. Hi Miz Janet,
    I'm Tammy visiting from Rosa's blog...I find your blog very interesting!!
    I love to go to craft shows but it does seem like things are getting boring and what they have is overpriced!!
    Come see me, as for now on Friday-Saturday I will be posting as I had to take a job that eats up a lot of my blogging time...hopefuly it will only be a temporary thing because I love blogging so!!

  8. Well thats really sad about the crafts,,I love craft shows. Mom and I use to to do them until her health got too bad. I would have loved to see a pic of the stilt walkers too. Thats sad too that you didn't get to see them. Oh well,,maybe next year if your still living there.(I hope your living closer to me),,Have a great sunday Janet!!

  9. Aloha Janet.. Im sorry you wern't able to get the pictures you needed, but have the memories you make.
    It was a sunny day :)
    PEace, Kai

  10. We have similar festivals here. Some are really great....some very commercial. Still it's great to get out in this lovely weather and get some exercize...

  11. I agree ! Most craft fairs have the same old tired stuff! It's like these people have any original ideas?? They don't want you to take photos , cause they think you are going to copy their work. Vendors do the same thing in the Charleston Market (where I work, but I don't sell Artwork. i tried to sell my art there but very cheesy tourists come through there now! ha! is a lot different ..junky stuff right next to Artists.)

  12. Oh, I love these craft fairs!! I can walk round and round until I find something that grabs me!

  13. That must have been fun.


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