Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Isn't it Fall Yet??

I'm really in the mood for fall even though the temperature is still nearly 80ยบ today. So I got out all my decorations and decided to at least make the house look like fall.

Welcome to our home....

I love wreaths with fruit on them....like the Della Robia wreaths at Christmas....so when I saw these last year I knew I had to get them.

As you walk in the front door the living room is to the left and the dining room is straight ahead. There is a big squared off arch between the entrance and the dining room and it has a shelf section above it. I usually decorate that shelf for the different seasons.

Here it is all ready for fall....

It's a bit difficult to get a good photo of it and I'm sure it just looks like a big ol' mess in the photo but on the left is a scarecrow and a small bale of hay. The pumpkin on the right side has a light inside and is visible at night through the window over the front door. It's sitting on a couple of boxes draped with some old black velvet. There's another pumpkin in the middle and some Indian corn, and scattered all around are fall leaves and little bits of raffia and straw.

Happy Fall, everyone......


  1. Great fall decor! We're still very warm here too!

  2. How pretty Janet!! I love the arch and your seasonal idea! And the front door,,I would love to have both of those, the arch and the doors,,and the deco with them, lol. You must move here soon, it is full blown fall here now and the trees are breathtaking, cold nights and nippish days.
    Thanks for sharing your pretty decor!

  3. I love your shelf for the seasons, how lovely I really like the idea of fall wreaths, we only get christmas ones over here.

  4. We were at 1 degree celsius today ~brrrrrrr ~ I'll trade you..! Your entrance looks warm and welcoming, and your archway is very colourful. A great spot for decorating...you will have to show us what it looks like at Christmas.

  5. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Wonderful decorations! That arch is really cool!

  6. Your Fall decorations are so attractive, the lighted pumpkin must look really warm and inviting when it's dark. Right now I can't imagine 80F - it's nearer 40F here ate the moment!

  7. Thanks everyone! I love doing little decorating things like this.

  8. You have a beautiful house. Your front doors look so inviting anyway, and the decoration just sets them off beautifully.
    And stop asking for fall. It is too cold as it is!


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