Sunday, October 01, 2006

Isn't it supposed to be autumn??

I always associate October with autumn so today being the first day of October I thought I would begin with a lovely painting, "Autumn Fantasy" by Kakichev U. I'm assuming that is the artist's name but I'm not sure. I found this painting online and thought it was just the right touch for my blog.

A few days ago HB had to run some errands and I went with him so I could stop at the library. As I sat there waiting for him to finish his appointment I realized that it was still summer here in our little town. We were parked at the edge of a small city park and there was no one around so I shot a couple of photos. Here is the little park....

On Thursday evenings during the summer they have music and crafts and food all around this park. It's called Thursday Night on the Square.

Just across from it is our little library. It isn't too bad but they don't always have everything I'm looking for and they aren't tied to the larger Los Angeles Library system. But I still manage to find a book or two now and then. This is the library....

If you notice, all the trees are still very green. I haven't seen any fall colors yet. Everyone has been posting nice photos of the leaves changing colors and all I have is green! But I'm not complaining. I could be up to my you-know-what in snow or something horrible like that!! At least we're having milder temperatures and the days are quite beautiful.

Our little town doesn't have a lot of excitement most of the time but for us that's ok.


  1. Not much fall color here either! We are starting to get a bit cooler in the mornings and evernings though..
    Your little town looks peaceful and quiet. Very green too!

  2. It's still basically green here as well, there are a few signs of autumn colour but it's definitely not in full swing yet. The painting is just beautiful, I love the colours - all the shades I love to wear and which please my eye and a lovely diffused look to it. I've really got to find time to look for a few of these wonderful pictures that you and DaisyLupin and others find online.

  3. I know what you mean Janet, we aren't seeing the colors change up here either. We are having cooler temps the last couple of days up here so I am glad to have it "feel" a bit fallish even though it doesn't look like it.

  4. That is a lovely painting.
    Az. doesn't get much of a fall ever....In December the leaves will fall....then get new buds in February.

  5. Its still such a nice and pretty town,,love the pics! You must move to Tennessee,,lots of fall colors here. But we are having Indian Summer right now and suppose to be warm all next week. Back to Air Conditioning again.
    Hope your having a Super Sunday Sweet Janet!!

  6. it's spring down here :) and the weather is odd - but then again - the whole world's weather is odd. guess all we can do is take each day as it comes.

  7. We've started seeing changing colors, and I had to close the windows the other evening. But today and tomorrow it's supposed to be over 90! I'd like a few weeks of long-sleeve days and light jacket nights before we get ice, snow and sub-zero temps.....but I don't always get what I want!

    BTW, your town park is lovely, and the idea of music and art on a weekly basis is awesome!


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