Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Just Call Me Pumpkin Girl...

Since this is Halloween I thought I would share a little pumpkin story with you.

When I was a kid my dad planted a garden every year. He was very meticulous about his garden....he measured out just the right length and width that he needed, and he used a hand tiller to plow up the ground. He measured how many rows he would have and then pounded stakes into the ground, strung string from stake to stake and made sure all the rows he planted were precisely straight and true.

He took great pride in the veggies he grew. He weeded and hoed and raked and was always making sure everything was just so.

I was not particularly interested in gardening but at some point I discovered that those pesky seeds that were in some things were the very thing that made veggies grow. It seemed rather magical to me.

One year as my mom cleaned out a pumpkin for carving I casually asked her if I could have the seeds. She said yes and I took them all and put them in a container.

The next Spring when my dad got his garden spot all planted, I decided to see if my pumpkin seeds would grow. I sneaked them out to the garden and just began putting them in the dirt....just anyplace, all willy nilly.

Well, how they did it I'll never know but somehow those seeds had survived and when I put them in the ground they took hold. Before too long there were little plants popping up all over the garden. My dad was confused and couldn't figure out what was happening.

Soon the vines were going every which way all through the nice straight lines of veggies. At some point my dad was able to recognize what was growing in his garden and was even more confused as he knew he had not planted pumpkins!

Finally everyone figured out what had happened and asked me if I had planted anything. Yes, I replied. I planted pumpkins! My dad was not amused!! That year we had some huge pumpkins mixed in with all the other veggies. And that was my last attempt at growing pumpkins.