Friday, October 13, 2006

More old postcards from England....

I'm going to drag out more of my old postcards from England. I just love looking at these and wondering about my family. I believe these cards were sent by a couple of men who eventually moved to this country. I can vaguely remember them being at my grandparent's home at holiday dinners and such. One of them was blind, as I recall. I don't think they were related to us but I'm not completely sure about that part.

The first two cards actually have writing on the backs although they didn't go through the mail as postcards....they must have been included in an envelope or a package as there is no address or postage on them. Most of the postcards I have do not have writing on them so these two are special.

This is the front and it says Wilmslow Road, Cheadle

I'm not sure you can read the back of Wilmslow Rd....

I'll try to decipher the writing just as it is: "Is their anything as you would like use to send you if their is send word Arthur is a damned good pal. I only wish you was with us and then we would be 3 Jolly Good Fellows. Never get Married then you will be alright. Father and Mother send their best love to you and Jack. Write back as soon as possible. Good Luck from Arthur and Bill"

This next one just says Cheadle on the front....

The back of Cheadle has this writing....

And once again I'll try to copy the message: "Excuse me not writing sooner as I have had it written since the 11 July and now it is the 1st of August. Sunday we went to the Cheadle (I can't make out the next word. It could be something like Heath T) show. Had a damned good do come home in a cab. 6 in all Have you forgot coming in a hansom from their with Percy and them tarts. I did not see Annie Holt their Good Bye Old Pal"

Sounds as if whoever this was sent to used to have some good ol' times drinking with "tarts"....

The next postcard just says Chapel Street, Flambro (there's that different spelling again)...and no writing on this one....

I wonder what this street looks like today? I would love to see it....look how wide it is!!

I have quite a few of these old postcards. Plus I also have many from places around the US. I'll try to post some of those next time.


  1. I really enjoy it when you share your old postcards!

  2. The two coloured postcards are from Cheadle Hulme on the outskirts of Manchester, and the Wilmslow Road leads to Wilmslow in Cheshire. I used to live in Manchester.

  3. how fun these are and when you enlarge the ones of the back the writing is quite clear. sounds like a fella that liked to have some fun!

  4. Hi Janet...thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for the birthday wishes:-) They were very much appreciated and I'm overwhelmed at all the wonderful comments that have been coming in all day!! your postcards are just beautiful...I love old ones like that showing how places used to look like!!

  5. Great postcards and isn't it fun having a peek at a little piece of their town and adventures!

  6. The old\postcards are great aren't they? I can help a bit with the mystery on the back, Cheadle Heath is an area - I can't think what the odd letter stands for though. Like Daisy I know the area, I grew up in Macclesfield.

  7. I wonder what it would be like to go back in to those days. Some of the pictures make me feel nostalgic, specially the Wilmslow Road, Cheadle. Funny, isn't it.
    Almost feel like been there.

  8. What cool postcards,,and I love the writing on the back. I love old postcards,,I wish the ones now days looked as good. Hope you have a wonderful week-end Sweet Janet!!

  9. These postcards are great. So moody. London fog had its affect for sure. Really fun to find these kind of treasures, and to have messages on the back is even better. Have a great rest of your weekend.


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