Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Very Special Day....

Today is one of the most important days in my life. My beautiful daughter, Molly (SWHP) was born at 9:40 PM 38 years ago. She is such an inspiration for me. She has such a good heart, is very creative and talented, never fails to reach for her dreams, and is the best mother ever to her son, Ryder.

She was such a little bundle of joy when she was born....this is her birth photo

From the very beginning her older brother considered her "his" baby. He was enthralled with her and wanted to do everything for her. The photo below shows him watching over her when she was only a few months old. The other photo shows Molly learning to crawl. From very early on she has loved hats.

I have very few photos of me and Molly together when she was little....that's because I was usually taking the photos! I wish I had been in the following photo because it shows my grandma, my mom, and Molly. If I had been able to include myself in this photo it would have been four generations.

There are certain photos that always bring a smile to my face and the next one is one of my favorite photos of Molly when she was little. It isn't anything event....nothing happening....just sweet little Molly in her nightie.

And this is another of my favorites....again in her nightie!! This time she is about five years old. Yes, she has always been a very petite person....unlike her mom!! (Gail, if you're reading this look closely at the room!)

Molly was always a tomboy. Her brother is five years older than she is and she looked up to him. She tried just about anything he tried. She played soccer. She skateboarded. She played "Kung Fu" in the basement. She did all kinds of athletic things and she never played with dolls until she was older and had a Barbie. She didn't take much crap off anyone either. One day at the local park some boy was hassling her and she put a couple of Kung Fu moves on him! Nothing too bad but enough that he didn't mess with her anymore. Her dad began calling her Muhammad Mol-lee. I think he still calls her that from time to time!

For two years Molly played baseball on an all boys team. And most of that time she had the highest batting average of any of them! When we decided to move to CA her coach almost cried. He didn't want to lose her on his team. Here is one of her baseball photos....

When we moved to CA Molly started 6th grade and it turned out to be a very stressful year for all of us. Luckily she had a fantastic teacher who made things a little easier for Molly. She even got to be a tutor for other kids in her class. This is her 6th grade graduation photo taken with that teacher, Mrs Greenfield.

Molly loves anything outdoors. She is adventurous and level-headed. This is another of my favorite photos. It was hanging in the office beside my desk until just recently. This photo was taken at Vasquez Rocks. If you have never heard of Vasquez Rocks the link above will tell you a little about it....and I'm sure if you watch movies you've seen parts of it in some of them.

During the 80's we didn't spend as much time together as before. Molly was growing up and I was busy working. This next photo is special because it's me on the left, Molly on the right and my special Aunt Dotti in front. Don't you love those shoulder pads!!

In the 90's Molly became a mommy. And I must say she is a fantastic mom. She has so much patience and understanding. I love this photo (even though it's a bit dark) because it shows such tenderness....she's holding Ryder....

And this is me, Molly and Ryder taken a few years ago at my cousin's house. Note that Molly is wearing a knit hat. She wears a hat much of the time because her head is always cold!! At least she isn't a hot head!

The most recent photo I could find was one from last Christmas. This is "Rapper" Molly being silly. She's wearing a scarf I made for her....and she's also wearing a crocheted hat I was experimenting with at the time. It's quite the colorful outfit but it shows her playful side.

I guess you can see how much I love her and how special she is to me. She is the best thing I've ever accomplished in my whole life.

Happy Birthday, sweet Molly!! You are so special and so loved....even if you won't eat your peas!


  1. Happy Birthday to Molly...
    This was a great post showing her growing up. Hope you both enjoy a beautiful day.

  2. What a lovely post about your daughter, she's very like you isn't she? The first photograph of her in her nightie is really special. She looks like a fun person to know.

  3. That is the sweetest most loving post and it really shows how much your daughter means to you. You should print it out and give it to her (although I'm sure she'll see this). I longed for children and it warms my heart to see this! Happy Birthday to Molly!!!

  4. Aaawwww, what a great bunch of photos! Happy birthday to Molly.!

  5. What a loving birthday post to your sweet Molly!
    Happy Birthday!!
    I loved seeing all the photos of you and the sweet ones of her)
    My oldest will be 38 in Jan!

  6. What a sweet post for your daughter. Happy birthday to her.

  7. I am so happy for you and Molly:-) I lost my mother a few years ago, and your posting made me a little misty. It sounds like you two have a wonderful relationship and really appreciate each other.

  8. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Happy birthday to your lovely daughter. She looks like she's lots of fun.Its easy to see how much Molly means to you, and it's lovely to have pictures of her with her grandmother and great grandmother.I hope you are able to celebrate it together and take lots of pictures that her son will be able to look back on one day.

  9. Tell Molly that your blog pals wish her a very happy birthday! And tell her we think she's got a special Mom!

  10. Happy Birthday to Molly and the sweetest blessings to you for bringing her in to the world, and making it brighter for us all..
    Peace, Kai.

  11. What are lovely daughter, you are right to be so proud of her. Hope she had a lovely day.

  12. What a beautiful tribute to your daughter. Happy Birthday to Molly! I certainly understand the abundance of love you feel for your daughter, as I too have this deep passion for mine. We are so blessed to have such incredible girls. It must be so sad for women who never experience this closeness with their children. Cute hat you made her!
    She seems like a real character. My brother is five years younger and he was always trying to emulate me! I could relate to her being the one to stand up to the boys as I did, and I loved baseball. Those pictures are so nostalgic for me… I too, have so many of them with me in pajamas and nighties, not many with my mom either. I wonder if there would be a way to incorporate you into a few pictures by computer. Hope you have a fantastic celebration! You raised a wonderful daughter, congratulations on a job well done….

  13. A very Happy Birthday to Molly! How sweet. I love all her photos.

  14. Oh Janet, you deserve a great daughter and I am so happy you have a great relationship with her. She seems to be so much like you in looks and humour! Happy Birthday Molly!!

  15. molly3:06 PM

    Thanks Mom! I was so moved (and a bit embarrassed!-ha) by your posting! I am going to print this out and save it for Ry. My best present of the day!!! I love you!:)


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