Sunday, October 08, 2006

Welcome to Our Yard Sale!

Well, the big yard sale is over and done and am I ever glad! It seems as if I've been working on this thing for a year! Friday HB and I spent the day working in the back yard getting everything spiffed up and looking nice. He also devised a hanging rack for clothes, and we brought out every tabletop we could think of and made places to set things.

It was busy, busy, busy. And then we set the alarm for 4:00 AM on Saturday!! We began taking things to the patio and yard right after we had a quick bite to eat. It was a bit crazy because we had to be very quiet so as not to disturb the neighbors. I'm sure they would have loved us waking them up at 4:00 on a Saturday morning!

It sounds like a long time to get ready for a sale scheduled to open at 9:00 AM but we used every minute! I had started bringing stuff downstairs to the living room and family room a couple of days earlier but there was still lots more left upstairs that had to be brought down that morning.

HB went to the union hall on Friday and talked them into letting us use some of their political sign frames. We just turned them inside out and wrote our yard sale information on them....they said it was ok to do that. So just before time for the sale HB went around the neighborhood and placed eight signs with arrows pointing people in the right direction. We also ran an ad in the little free advertising paper.

The sale started off with a bang! People were waiting at 8:30 when HB got back from placing the signs so we opened the gate and they started flooding in. This is the way it looked from the gate entrance to the back yard....

And here is a wide shot of the back yard....

And the patio....

This is a close-up of one of the tables....

This has my pile of yarn in the left corner of the tarp on the ground....

This middle table was empty in no time at all!

This table at the end of the patio had odds and ends and the one around the corner mostly had candles and candle holders and potpourri. The candles did not sell....I think I sold three. Most of the odds and ends sold. People buy the strangest things!!

We used HB's scaffolding to hold lots of small items and some crafty things....

Another piece of the scaffold was propped between saw horses to hold boxes of books and stacks of magazines....mostly crafty ones! They didn't sell!!

I also had a few clothes, and they went fast.

The day was very hectic with lots of people coming in swarms right up until the time when the "cops" arrived! I kid you not!! I was sitting behind one of the tables when this woman rounded the corner of the patio, clipboard in hand, and asked "Who's in charge here?" HB and I both said something at the same time and she proceeded to tell us she had three of our signs in her vehicle and was fining us $10 per sign!

We asked why and she said it was against the law to place signs on public property! I told her I had never heard of that and she said the notice was posted in a quarterly magazine put out by the city. When I said I had never seen the notice, she said "Well, it's in there....most of the time"

So HB had to pay the $30 to get the signs back (we had to return them to the union hall) and then he had to drive around and get the others. After that the sale pretty much was over!

We had a few people wander in because we had a big sign on one of our trucks parked out in front. Apparently that was ok!! And the last customer of the day was the only crafter-type person to show up and she and her daughter bought $45 in stuff.

I still have a lot of crafty things left but I sold almost all the dishes and glassware, clothes, some Halloween items, a few Christmas items, all the furniture we had out....which wasn't much!....and a few books.

It always happens this way....the things I'm sure will sell, don't and the things I don't think will sell, do!! It was a fairly successful yard sale even though we did have a surprise visitor!


  1. Our town could make big money by having a law like that. People post signs everywhere and never both to take them down.
    I bet you're glad this sale is over!

  2. Wow, that was quite a sale!

    And yeah, you just NEVER know what people will and won't go for at yard sales and flea markets. It's baffling.

  3. Sounds like a lot of hard work, hope you made eough $ and cleared enough space to make it worthwhile - oh, and enough to cover the fines! Pity the cops had nothing better to do, your crime rate must be extremely low if they have that much time on their hands!

  4. Wish I coulda gone to your garage sale...looks like a good one.

  5. I'm impressed! That was a LOT of stuff to get rid of! Now, the million dollar question is, did you haul all the stuff that didn't sell right back into the house again or will it go to the Goodwill or other Charitable organization? I think that Cop must have just been having a bad day! How can you have an ordinance about garage sale signs? They are EVERYWHERE! Maybe yours were just prettier and more professonal than most?

  6. sounds like you did well, you were certainly organized. people do buy the strangest things, but what's with the fines? I am just shaking my head here!

  7. I have never heard of the sign law!!! That is crazy! and they should not have enforced it!!! I'm glad you guys had a good day! I wish I could have popped over! I love yard sales!

  8. Janet, what a busy! busy! day you had and not lacking in adventure too I see.......$30.00 fine that was interesting and I am sure many like yourself don't know that rule.

    Your pictures were so full of things I wished I could have been there to get. :o( I see santa (did your christmas pieces sell) do don't tell me lol lol lol!

    I am having an exhibition in Victoria's (our states) museum this December of our vintage christmas decorations and christmas decs always catch my eye.

    You have done well, what a huge yard sale (we call them garage sales here) now you can be like "the king was in the parler counting out his money" it's the best part of a garage sale.

    have a truly lovely week.

  9. OMG!
    You've scared me silly!
    We're in the process of making"the move" after nearly 25 years.!
    I wasn't keen on a Garage sale before & after reading your fun,I'm even less so!
    You want 10 acres plus house and two LARGE sheds in S.E>Qld?

  10. Oh oh oh, I see many things I want. Rats. Too far away! But then we all know I'm a garage sale junky. How are you doing today? I bet your are really tired. Setting up is so arduous, and then to deal with it all after it is over and there is all the stuff left. Thank goodness for thriftstores where we can drop it all off. Hopefully you made enough that the paying of the Cop, for the signs, was not missed too much. Sure glad it isn't that way here.

  11. Wow, you sure had a big sale! Glad it went good. I love going to them although I haven`t been in ages.


  12. Debbi Brown6:12 PM

    Looks like you really did a great job of weeding down! i always talk myself out of selling things. Did all your yarn sell?


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