Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Whopper of a Dress!!

Crochet is such a versatile medium. You can make so many things using crochet. It isn't just granny square afghans and doilies anymore.

There are some wonderful sites with the most amazing items being crocheted....and one in particular has items made by a guy! Check it out here. I'm not sure what I would do with any of those items but I think it's interesting that someone would create them using yarn and a hook!

If you haven't already seen the hyperbolic crochet exhibit it's another one to check out here. For some reason these just fascinate me. I love the undulating lines and the way they twist and turn.

But by far one of the most unusual things I've seen so far has to be this Hamburger Dress complete with sesame seeds, lettuce, tomato and cheese!!

You can read about the creator, Joy Kampia, here. I'm not sure I would want to wear a burger dress but I'm sure it would attract a lot of attention! I think the model above is wearing a Junior Cheeseburger. Of course, mine would have to be a Whopper!!


  1. Wooooeeeeee! That`s some dress. Don`t think I`d be wanting to wear that one anywhere :)


  2. I love the dress and the other websites were great too. LOL,,I would need the whopper dress too.

  3. I never was much good at crochet, but my mum can knot a doozie in a heartbeat!! Im sure she'd make this for me, except it would have to be a double whopper to fit my expanding frame.. lol..
    Neat site and groovy idea Ms Janet.. :)
    Peace, Kai

  4. That dress could only be worn to the Burger King Ball!!
    So not me!!
    Lots of talent there, though...

  5. Wow. You definitely would have be 15 and tight everywhere to wear that little honey.


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