Sunday, October 29, 2006

Why I'm So Weird!!!

A couple of things have come to my attention to explain why I am the way I am! Which in many cases is just plain weird! My usual daily visit to Deb's blog gave me my first clue. Here are the results of that....

You Are From Uranus

You shine with brilliant creativity, and you're more than a little eccentric.
You love everything unusual and shocking. You're one far-out chick or dude.
Anything unconventional excites you - and you have genius potential.
Just don't let your rebel side get the best of you, or else you'll alienate everyone.
Your original thinking and funky attitude is all you need to be you. wise cracks!!

Then since I've never been thrilled with my looks, I decided to see what famous person I look like, never dreaming that my almost perfect match would be a guy!! Who knew??

OK, I like Gary Sinise but I don't want to look like him! And Bruce Willis!! Come on! Now I'm really feelin' low....but think how Gary Sinise must feel! He looks like a 63 year old grandma!


  1. I'd done the my heritage thing once a while back, but it had been a while, so I just wasted a bunch more time on it. :-)

    Maybe it just means you look like Gary Sinise's sister!

  2. ". . . but think how Gary Sinise must feel!" Ha Ha Ha, you crack me up!

  3. I'm thinking you have a bigger (family type) resemblance to Bruce Willis. You and he could be brother and sister. Thanks for your story comment. It was certainly fun to give it a try. Happy Halloweenie!!! :)

  4. You just always make me smile Janet,,I Love it.

  5. I'm having so much fun with this.... Thanks great post!

  6. Anonymous6:50 PM

    You are a beautiful lady with a beautiful smile.


  7. I think these things are fun...but I think you resemble YOU - with those twinking eyes!

  8. haha. You are too funny! I'm going to have to take those!! Uranus! LOL. That has to be the funniest name for a planet, ever. Always reminds me of Wayne's World. giggle

  9. Ok, I'm from Neptune, and it was pretty well right on. I love these things!! Thanks.

  10. Thnaks to everyone who commented on this one!!

  11. Happy Halloween to you sweet Janet - BOO!


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