Thursday, November 09, 2006

11-09-2006 Art Everyday....

Here is my piece of art for today. I love pitchers, tea pots and just about anything that pours. I have done different versions of this drawing several times and each time I always have a smile. They're just fun to do.

Once again the colors are not true....these seem a bit washed out but scanning is my best option for getting this online so just use your imagination when you look at the colors!!

And on another note....I have been anxiously awaiting the new version of blogger bee-cause they promised new templates and ways to make your blog look unique. Ha!! They have the same tired, old templates as they had before as far as I can see. I'm very disappointed in that part of it.

But photos seem to be easier to upload and if that continues I'll be happy.


  1. These pots are wonderful, and if you can add pottery to your list of talents and make some, I will be your first customer. I am a pottery and china addict, and these colourful pots would bring life to any room they decorated. I love them, the colour looks good to me, the original must be amazing!

  2. these are so great, what a wonderful card they'd make or even a ceramic tile!

  3. They are exciting, and I like the colors I can see.

    Can you use your camera to take a picture of your paintings and then post that picture?

    I've done it once or twice.

    If you love anything that pours, then you probably would love a picture of a waterfall?

    I am imagining pouring quicksilver from a pitcher.

    My beta setting came thru within a minute. I have not checked it yet.

  4. Finally! I've got some miraculous amount of INTERNET service today and time to catch up on a weeks' worth of blogs! I am SUPER impressed with what you call 'doodles' but what I call "OMIGODTHEGIRLCANDRAW!" Really lovely in color and form and feeling. And yes now I can clearly see that you too are friends with Arnold. But did you notice he dropped us like a hot potato now that the election is over? Hmmph!

  5. the new blogger? ooh, silly me changed over and now every time I want to post a comment or do something on my blog, I have to sign in and I thought there would have been more exciting templates too. I have a link somewhere for newer templates...

  6. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Your art piece is quite interesting. Again, your use of color is so nice! I agree with Lisa, this would make a great card.

    About the Beta version of Blogger:
    Even with the Beta version you can still use the traditional style templates from Blogger itself, or from the myriad of sources on the internet. The new style templates are few in number as you say, but I'm sure with time more will become available. The thing about the new style of template is that they have made it so you can add and modify your template easily without having to edit the actual html code. Even if you use the same template as before, just tranferring your site to the beta version makes your blog much more stable. The beta version has been unaffected by any of the recent problems; such as pictures not loading, etc...

  7. Janet, I too love pitchers and have a good variety of them. These are wonderful illustrations, love the colors.... I haven't braved the new blogger download yet.... I want to see how people feel about it first. There have been a lot of delays during the transition though... just a touch frustrating! May have to succumb!

  8. I like the colours on the big teal one!! Those are all super..
    PEace, Kai

  9. Glad the transition seems to be going smoothly!

    I like the artwork. Those pitchers are wonderfully whimsical.

  10. Anonymous3:07 AM

    First, this post inspired me to place my little creamer collection on my kitchen window sill. . . things that pour.
    Second, I may have told you this already, but my husband is an artist too (like you) and he has done a series of "vessels". Your painting makes me think of his.
    Very FUN.


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