Sunday, November 12, 2006

11-12-2006 art everyday

Once again I was super busy and had to make something fast and simple. This one is marker and watercolor....and I'm calling it "Life"....

The background is actually light lavender but it doesn't show up.


  1. This has a real organic feel to it. Like little pea pod babies and their Mum.
    I like the curves in your work Janet, and the great colour.

  2. Janet,
    I really love this little drawing! I think it is wonderful. I especially love the faces expressions, as so many times faces that round are insipid, where these are great!

  3. Janet these are all daily gems of beauty. I agree with Sheila about the curves in your work - I like the use of them.

  4. oh, i love this one janet! it's lovely!


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