Monday, November 13, 2006

11-13-2006 art everyday

I can't believe I've been able to come up with something everyday so far! I guess when I'm under "pressure" (my own!) then I can produce something. Lesson learned! I guess that means I need to put pressure on myself to do more artwork.

This was just something that I liked the shape of....I like curving, flowing lines and this fits that description. And this time I used mostly acrylics. Quite a stretch for me!! And the little triangle shapes are made with a stamp.


  1. wow, each day produces yet another gem! Fabulous!I don't know what size these all are but it would make a fabulous art piece with all of them put together in the end!!

  2. very talented and quite a pleasure for me to visit you for the 1st time.

    Your son sounds a bit like a guy I know too...he used to love to be alone in the mountains. Altho, he did have electricity in his mountain home....from a generator. Always wanting to live in the gunpowder, muzzle loading days.

    Happy Monday. It's been a great few minutes to visit with you, and I hope I can return.

  3. I agree with Lisa, if these could all be mounted, quilt style, what a fabulous statement it would make. The colours and designs in each piece would be great would be striking. Good stuff Janet!

  4. I'm getting behind on my blog reading! This art piece of yours is a delight! I love the colors!

  5. Great art, very enjoyable and inspiring to see all these lovely pieces. You have a great way with color!


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