Wednesday, November 15, 2006

11-15-2006 art everyday

I have been getting so many wonderful comments and I feel badly that I haven't been saying "THANK YOU" to each and every one who has left them....but I do try to make it around to visit your blogs and leave my own comments. I hope you don't quit visiting me if you don't get individual responses here on my blog. I do try to answer if there are actual questions.

I guess I didn't think about how much time would be involved in actually creating something EVERYDAY!! Believe takes me a loooong time! My problem is usually that I get a fantastic idea but have no idea how to get it down on paper. Then if I manage to do that, then comes the color and I usually screw that up! For some reason I have a tough time visualizing some things with color and then other things I see with very translucent colors....and I don't have a clue how to achieve that!

So maybe that's why I like to draw in pen. The starkness of the black against the white paper is somehow pleasing to me. I have to admit though that I did not do this piece in one day. I have been working on it but I finished it this morning so I'm guessing that qualifies it for my piece today.

And just so you hand isn't that steady....I did use a circle template to make all these circles! I did draw out the original sketch freehand but when it came time to actually work in ink, I used the template. Is that cheating??

I'm calling this one "Under the Microscope" looks like some kind of strange DNA or the cells of some wild creature.

On another note, I just wanted to say that I hope when you leave me comments about my artwork that you are honest about it. If I make a piece of crap then let me know. That's the only way I can grow and learn. I know I try all kinds of different things but that's because I don't want to get locked into one thing. There are so many kinds of art and I think I like most of them. Just like music has everything from classical to rap....well, I can't say I like all of that!! Leave out the rap and maybe you've got me!


  1. this is great! and hey, don't worry if you can't finish a piece everyday, just making art is plenty!!

  2. That's beautiful. It reminds me of something, but I can't quite place what....something good though. :-)

  3. Janet,
    You are kidding about the "cheating", right? I can't believe you are serious. I think a worth while piece like this takes the time it takes. But then, I'm the kind of person who looks in the back before I'm frustrated by Soduko puzzles and the type who does the same thing if my mind is a blank for Crossword puzzles. I just don't think it is worth being frustrated about. Hey, its another perk of being an adult! You can look at the back of puzzle books if you want!

    Your drawing reminds me of paisley and/or perimecuim which are one cell organizims of a biological nature. I like it very much. I've also been accused of being bluntly honest.

  4. oh Janet - I hardly ever respond to comments left. Don't stress -I do enough of that for all of us.
    the comments thing plays constantly on my mind and I am sure it does on most.
    Just have fun creating - rip, cut and tear - paste and glue - there are no rules except to have fun xoxo

  5. The black and white is fantastic.
    I love it.

  6. Janet, art is personal enjoyment, whether it takes you a day or 4 to complete. Art comes from within and is expressed soley by your own imagination. There is never a right or wrong or time frame. Just keep doing it from the heart and leave the rest.It's all fantastic!
    comment worry? been there, done!

  7. tammy vitale1:36 PM

    reminds me of the psychedelic 60s! And there'e not such thing as cheating when you are making circles!

  8. They look like paisleys!!!
    I made ten today.

    Even if you used a tool to make the circles, you still created them and used your own imagination.

    The picture is great.

  9. I know, I already posted something, but I must say again, WOW.

  10. Thanks everyone!! And yes, I was just kidding about the cheating part!

  11. It's official. I have no imagination! How do you manage to come up with something worth showing us every day. I'm impressed. And as for saying just did in black and white.

  12. LoL! I'm with Sheila, re having no imagination! This is a brilliant work of Art, Janet. Absolutely superb! Methinks you had a great time in the 60s! ;) I love it, and admire your patience & attention to detail. Incredible!
    I think we're all getting a bit lost with the comments since taking part in AEM - there are just too many wonderful posts to comment on, and thank people for! Great, isn't it?! :D

  13. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Janet, I will be honest with you. Your art is lovely. You truly have a gift, please believe that.

    About responding to comments... wouldn't you say that I am the King of not responding?:-D I always tell myself that I am going to answer a question or something and then I never get around to it, and the post is forgotten about...

    I think that everyone understands that you can't reply to every comment, there would be no time for art! LOL!

  14. This is very cool, Janet! You've been doodling, too! Fun idea using a template to make the circles, but you've brought your own vision to it with your decisions on placement and heaviness of line, etc.
    Using a ruler or template when you want something exact isn't cheating - it's just working smart, just ask any graphic artist.


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