Thursday, November 16, 2006

11-16-2006 art everyday

Today my piece of art is something I did earlier but wasn't completely happy with... so I re-worked it and now I'm happier. The reason I did this is because one of my friends just had a birthday and since they were traveling I haven't sent her gifts yet so last night I decided to make her a birthday card. Well, that turned out like pure grade A crap!!

Everytime I specifically need to make something for a special occasion it usually turns out that way. I don't know whether it's the pressure or what. If I just make something just to make it then it turns out ok. Does anyone else have that problem??

Anyway I had planned to use the birthday card for my art piece today but since it turned out so yukky I couldn't do that. So I was on the spot for something. I remembered this piece....and I thought "now's the time to re-do it." I always cringe a little when I put that first brushful of paint on something that's already kinda finished. But I went for it anyway. The original didn't have much background, the dress was pale and washed out and the hair was not as defined.

Yikes!! In the photo some of the lines in her dress show up really dark but they really aren't like that in real life! It's all much more subtle. I guess I'm not much of a photographer. I couldn't scan this one since it's about 12" X 18" and won't fit on my scanner!


  1. I'm totally with you there Janet. As soon as I agree to do something 'to order' I go to pieces! It sort of spoils the 'fun', somehow, I think. Anyway, you have excelled yourself and produced this beautiful painting. She is exquisite, and you should be very proud of her. Beautiful work! :)
    Thanks for your comment today - so glad to know it's not just me working in a tiny clearing in the mess! ;)

  2. I am much the same way when I HAVE to make anything. I think it's from trying too hard and possibly since someone else will receive it, you want perfection. Well I am here to say that perfection comes in the form of the gift on the whole. No one who receives a piece of art regardless of medium would ever NOT treasure it because a line was off or the color not right. Silence that inner critic my dear Janet.Your drawings are fabulous!

  3. Anonymous1:51 PM

    I like this. She is very elegant isn't she? :-)
    I also tend to have that pressure problem. What happens to me is that I will just go blank. It takes a little while, then it will all of a sudden come to me in a big wave and I am going at that art piece as if I won't ever create anything again!
    Once it's finished I'll look at it and say, "Did I do that?"

  4. janet, you hit the nail right on the head. I could make 20 of something perfectly and as soon as I know I have to make it-feh...all is lost in crappiness.

  5. The colors are beautiful in her dress. I'm sure your friend will love it!

  6. One of the really great things about not being in the slightest sentimental is that I don't have the pressure problem. I find, and always have, that I don't work well under pressure, so I don't do it. I make sure I have plenty of time and then add extra and do it when I feel like it. For me, usually it is when I decide to do something 'new'that I run into trouble. I keep the results sometimes, and use it when I teach and then show the improved piece with the same starting point but that is different. Interesting question though. The lady is stunning! And it gave me something for my blog tomorrow! Thanks Janet.

  7. I'm starting to sense a style in your work Janet. I could perhaps recognize your work, like someone recognizes a Monet. I love it, she is so elegant and this almost has a thirties feel to it.

  8. Well, for one, I'm happy the card turned out like "crap" to use your word, because this piece you posted is absolutely wonderful Janet. You are so talented.

  9. Anonymous8:14 PM

    She is grand.


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