Monday, November 20, 2006

11-20-2006 art everyday

After I did my previous post this morning, I went straight up to "that room that I don't know what it's called" and I got busy, cleared out a space to paint and this appeared....

She was quickly done on 9 x 12 Bristol with watercolors and micron pens. I may do another version of her on regular watercolor paper to see how it does.


  1. You did it again Janet. Here we are 2/3rds of the way through the month..obviously you will make it .
    Pretty fairy, nice hair
    Why can't you call it a studio..that's where artists work, and you my dear are an artist!!

  2. For someone out of balance, you make totally charming art! I know what you mean about the overwhelming and out of balance sense of being, but you really are doing wonderful stuff!

  3. Okay Janet Girl!!! Please come over and help me find those darn cookie molds!!!!!

  4. I Love it Janet! Its so pretty! Last night I got my art journal out and did some collaging and doodling. If my scanner was working I would scan it and post it, I liked how it turned out.

  5. this is lovely, janet! she's so purty!

  6. YOu did this QUICKLY you say ?

    Oh my goodness , she is beautiful !

    oh I just read SHEILA's comment as I glanced over (because as she knows I LOVE that little pohoto of her and have seen it before!)

    Well I see this is an ongoing discussion about The STUDIO I am going to tell you something someone once told me --- IF you cannot CALL yourself and ARTIST , you will never BE an artist.
    I have never forgotten and I always share it when I recognize the symptoms of myself once upon a time... I hope it helps !

  7. She is beautiful!! See what you can do when you put your mind to it???

  8. She's so lovely, Janet! Yes, you are indeed a very fine artist. If you could see the space that I pretentiously call a studio, you'd laugh, I'm sure! ;)

  9. love this - it is gorgeous and hey! you are indeed talented

  10. It may be something you want to think about for a more quiet time but I would love to see one of these drawings made into a piece of fabric art. Fabulous...You could do it with fusible stuff on the fabric so no sewing is involved. Deborah's book will show you how.

  11. so nice Janet!!!
    I had to click on it to enlarge it so I could see the detail.

    A wonderful piece of work, once again.


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