Tuesday, November 21, 2006

11-21-2006 art everyday

I promise this will be the last thing I post today!! I forgot to include the cookie recipe in my Christmas meme as I had intended so I put it on in a separate entry and now I have my art everyday piece.

This is a drawing I did awhile back and I wasn't happy with it....so it sat on the shelf for all this time and today I got it out and re-did it.

My personal opinion is I wish I had left out the tall spikey leaves in the background but they're in now so I can't take them out! Other than that, I'm happy with it.


  1. I like the leaves behind her Janet,& her dress of leaves is amazing. I love your ladies, I can see why you loved paper dolls, I wish you still had some of the ones you used to make..to show us?

  2. I like your leafy lady and having seen her with the spiky leaves I can't imagine her without them now.
    From Sheila's comment I gather you used to make paper dolls. Dressing paper dolls in different outfits was one of my favourite things when I was young. I am thinking about the right thing aren't I? Sometimes US and UK say the same thing but the words have different meanings to each of us!

  3. I like miss leaf, and the mocha balls recipe looks very yummy. Once again I might pinch that Christmas meme off you for a later date.

  4. I think she absolutely needs the dress with spikey plants in back. They add sparkle to to what would just be ordinarily wonderful, oh I'm not saying this well. They are the sharp things that help draw the eye away from the more rounded shape of your lady, which is very feminine and add a touch of the masculine and tension to the drawing. Hope that makes sense.

  5. this is somewhat of a collective comment....
    I love your art Janet, of course the fairy a post or two back is a fave. YOU my dear really need to stand in the doorway of that room of yours and say "THIS IS MY STUDIO"...until you finally beleive it.
    I liked what you did with the old books as well, very clever idea!!
    I like this new drawing, just as it is!!
    I used to have scads of paper dolls...and made some as well.. alas I have none of them now.

  6. Such talent you have! I am also going to try your cookie recipe as it sounds yummy. Glad you got the soaps and hope your daughter emjoys! thanks again

  7. Sheila - Oh, if only I still had some of my old paper dolls but sadly I do not. Plus I had stacks of pages of clothes I designed for them but nonoe of those exist now either.
    Rowan - It is the right terminology. I loved paper dolls and spent hours playing with them.
    Daisy - I hope you like the cookies as much as I do. And I'll be looking for your meme.
    Mary _ I know exactly what you mean. Thank you.
    Lisa - Ok...I get the message! I have a studio because I am an artist!!
    Peggy - Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoy the recipe, too.


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