Friday, November 24, 2006

11-24-2006 art everyday

First of all, I forgot to thank everyone for all my Thanksgiving wishes and for the many ecards I received. I was surprised and happy to get all your messages. And I feel badly that I didn't acknowledge them in my previous post. But in my defense I was only half awake when I wrote it!

I have been playing in my studio all day. Lots of fun stuff going on but I did manage to get one drawing ready for my daily art. Don't know if I'll get the second one finished today or not....maybe later tonight....or maybe not at all. I guess it's ok to miss one day if it's a holiday.

So here's a flower drawing....I'm not sure what kind of flower. I drew it from an old photograph in a book. I hope you like it....

Just black and white for now....maybe color to come later.


  1. Hi Janet,

    Just off the road from Kansas and not too sharp yet. Mind is still going R-R-R-R-R from the road movement and noise. Lots of wind for the first hour, fighting the wheel all the time through the cuts and draws and hills of middle Kansas, but then it got better. Good trip as we made it and had a great time. Even greater is being at home! But, I love the flower. It has such drama and virve if that is a word! I think you might just want to leave it...well, heck it is your flower, do with it what you will. I just like it.

  2. Very beautiful....will it have color? Or is that a silly question for the Queen of beautiful color!
    Have a great day....can't wait to see your next piece of art!
    Peace and giggles

  3. Hi Janet, love this flower..!
    It almost looks like a morning which case it could be a purpley blue...but I love it the way it is...maybe you could make a copy, and colour one and keep the other like this...?

  4. your drawing is so amazing, I seriously wish I could draw like that. I do a lot of things but drawing the way you do, proper shading etc, has never been my strong point. I think it looks like a morning glory too!

  5. I love the delicate detail of your flower Janet. You have a light touch. Looking forward to the color(s) you choose.

  6. The drawing is lovely!

  7. I like your flower drawing very much, my thought was that it's a convolvulus which is the same family as morning glory so we are all thinking the same. In England we have large white ones (bindweed) and smaller pink ones growing wild so lots of colour options - maybe you could keep the black and white one and do a colour version as well?

  8. Beautiful drawing!

  9. Hi Janet...
    I have a question for you---

    As I too love to sketch, I'm wondering if you do your drawing just from the image you have in you mind, or do you take a photo and draw from that?!!!

    Your talents never cease to amaze the flower, kinda like a hibiscus!!! Beautiful.

  10. Thats such a beautiful work of art, I love drawings in black and white, following the simple lines of nature.
    I can envision colour just as Im sure your will add it's skin in your time.
    wow, it pretty..
    peace, kai

  11. Thanks to everyone who has commented on this flower drawing. I guess most of you agree that it might be a morning glory so I'll go with that!

    I'm not sure if I'll color this but maybe do as some suggested and save one in black and whit and make a copy to paint.

    To wystful 1 - I do both. Sometimes I just draw something from my head (usually my "ladies") and then at other times I'll see a flower or something like that and want to draw it.

  12. Love it Janet. It's beautiful. I agree it looks like a Morning Glory. But if you don't color it, the B & W is know I love penwork.


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