Sunday, November 26, 2006

11-26-2006 art everyday

I started this painting this afternoon with a tropical theme in's very windy and chilly here today! But somewhere along the line she sort of morphed into a very tropical Christmas gal!!

After I finished her and set her on the mantle to step back and have a look, I realized she looks as if she has a pink poinsettia in her hair with a sprig of evergreen.

Nothing else about the painting is Christmas-y so I'm not sure what she is!! But here she is....

Maybe that's what I'll call her....Tropical Christmas!


  1. tropical Xmas! Very good. I love the tree and feel good just getting something posted, I doubt I'll be sending up a banner or a Xmas tree, but I love yours!

  2. She's beautiful, that's what she is...

    thanks Janet

  3. What talent you have!

  4. She looks rather like you...sweet and sophisticated at the same time.
    I like how she turned out to have a Christmas "look" after-all!

    She could be a very contemporary Christmas angel...or the proptype for an art doll face and theme....

  5. I'm with dellab....she's beautiful that's what she is!!! A real Christmas beauty!!!



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