Monday, November 27, 2006

11-27-2006 art everyday

As usual I found something really interesting on Deb's blog. If any of you are interested, she is running a fun little writing challenge with a prize....but the thing that really caught my eye was her "Daily Art Thing" photograph. It is downright gorgeous!! Highly reminiscent of Georgia O'Keefe's work. You should check it out. And she had another great photograph of the same subject just the day before.

Anyway the photo just jumped out at me and said "paint me"....well, I tried! And I should put extra emphasis on tried because I don't think I did it justice but here is my version of her photo....

I didn't have the same paint color and didn't want to try mixing it so mine is a pinker color.


  1. tammy vitale1:58 PM

    oh, oh - this is a closeup of a christmas cactus! Mine is a hand me down from my mom, who began it with one tiny piece. It is now quite huge and blooming (bless it's little heart) and 50 years old. My daughter does not have a green thumb - to whom shall I pass it I wonder?!

  2. Wow I really got a shock when your blog came up and it was bright red. Your blog is getting ready for christmas. I think we are all busy at the moment crafting bits and pieces.

  3. the red and your painting!! Hope you had a great day!

  4. Oh, It's lovely and my favorite color!

  5. I like the painting. I'd have recognized it anywhere.

    Not so sure about your new red background though...a bit rough on the eyes...hehehe.

  6. This is great Janet...just saw this now!


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