Monday, November 20, 2006

Balancing My World....NOT!!

Today, as usual, I'm sort of "stealing" something from Deb's blog. She did a post about chakras and I know many of my readers have an interest in that subject.

On her blog, she had a link to a test you can take online to see if your chakras are in or out of balance. Now I know that anything generic like this is just like putting one of your toes into the aren't getting the full thing. But a little bit is better than nothing, isn't it?

I have been feeling quite out-of-balance for a long time, and even more so recently. So I took the test. It was a bit difficult to answer some of the questions because they could have gone either way for me. And some were sort of two-part questions allowing only one answer and for me, half was one answer and half was the other! So I'm not sure how accurate my reading was.

But anyway, here is where you can find the test for yourself. It's always fun to do these tests, and sometimes I even learn something about myself that I didn't know before!

(This painting was done by Candida Maurer. You can find more of her work here.

And being out-of-balance seems to be an on-going thing for me! I can't seem to balance anything but my checkbook! Now with that I'm a whiz!! But life seems to be a little overwhelming to try and balance. I know there is so much work still to be done on our house before we can put it on the market....that makes it sound as if our house is in terrible shape, and it isn't! But I want it to make a great impression on whoever comes to see it and that means everything must look great.

I haven't posted any photos of the painting we did because each room is still only partially put back the way I want it. The painting is just the first layer of the room. I still have a long way to go until I'm finished with all the other touches. But I promise to show you how it all looks when I'm done.

With all the work on the house, I still want to spend most of my day in my (I'm having a hard time with what to call this room! I used to call it my craft room but that doesn't seem to fit. I've tried art room but that isn't good either. But studio sounds so much like there should be an easel in the middle of the room with canvases leaning against the walls!) ??? room doing something creative.

Add in the holidays which are looming on the horizon and I feel completely out-of-balance! Usually I love Christmas and decorate the house to within an inch of its life!....but this year, just the thought of dragging out all those boxes of ornaments makes me cringe! I haven't even thought about gifts for anyone yet. And forget about the baking. Who wants to bake?? And I can't have any goodies anyway so that sort of puts a damper on that!

I guess I'm becoming Mrs. Scrooge this year! And I don't like it much but what to do. (Please, check back later today for my art piece.)


  1. I always start to feel a bit overwhelmed at the holidays. More things to do than time to do them!
    "Me" time gets very backburnered!

  2. The days do gallop along, and the older one gets, the faster they gallop..!
    Things will get done, don't they always..?
    The trick is to do one thing at a time..and enjoy the moment..

  3. I always feel sorry for American women with two big holidays to cope with within a month of each other! I've always tried to plan and do things ahead as much as I can to avoid feeling like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, but it's hard not to get caught up in all the hype to some extent - the holidays come and go though and it really isn't the end of the world if you haven't made 3 dozen different kinds of cookie or whatever. What people really remember is the welcome they get and the fun they
    have. Many years ago friends arrived for dinner to find me totally fraught because everything had gone wrong and dinner wasn't even close to ready and L just calmed me down then pitched in and helped - not exactly Martha Stewart stuff on my part:) L is still my best friend in spite of practically having to cook her own dinner all those years ago! We still laugh about it too.

  4. I just took the test and had the same difficulty as you with half the question being yes and the other half no... I just cecked the middle circle for those. You didn't talk about your test results... What about accepting the challenge to do your next drawing about this subject, choosing any chakra that was under or over active and trying to express the balance you'd like to achieve in that area?

  5. This was really FUN.
    Thank YOu JAnet !

    ooo my Root Chakra was teeny weeny...that can't be a Good Thing.

    But now with your help of finding this out ! I will get to work on it!

    Love, S.

  6. So did your results bear out your feeling of being out of balance? (Or would you rather not say?)

    I love the drawing you posted today!

  7. Great post, Janet, thanks! I took the test and am hopelessly out of balance! Oops! (Root & Navel almost non-existent, oh dear!) Great idea of robin's to use the art challenge to try & get some balance back.
    I am pretty much permanently overwhelmed, and try to ignore all the hype at Christmastime. The simpler the better, in my book! ;)

  8. I know a little about chakras and it is pretty near damn impossible to be balanced 100% - ya can try all you like but life throws something up and one or more chakras are unbalanced again.
    dear sweet Janet - be gentle with yourself x0
    we all seem to be wanting Christmas to be simpler - nothing wrong with that at all xo


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