Saturday, November 25, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy....

Whew!! This has been some kind of day! I had the best of intentions this morning and planned to get something drawn for my art piece but then I made the mistake of going to my studio and sitting down at the table and before I knew it, it was afternoon and I had not picked up a pencil, pen or paintbrush!

I've been working on things for Christmas (sshh!'s a secret!) and time just flew by. Then HB and I had to get out for some errands and that took the rest of the afternoon.

Tonight I've been working on the Christmas goodies again and in between I come downstairs and knit. I'm working on a scarf for the veterans (I blogged about it here a few days ago.) I knit for awhile, then run upstairs and do some more on my projects, then back downstairs to knit again and all the while I'm also watching "White Christmas"....but I did manage to sketch out a rough idea I have for another one of my ladies. This is another black and white! I can't seem to get the paints out right room on my table!

I used the same pose for this one but when I draw her out for painting I think I'll change it to something else.


  1. She has a nice shape...will she be Christmassy..?
    Who needs the gym when you can run up and down stairs all day...LOL

  2. Anonymous9:11 PM

    I have been busy busy busy lately also.

    I'll be checking back to see the colors come out.

  3. She's very elegant!

  4. She is lovely and as I looked at her I saw flashes of shades of yellows, golds and soft orange. Very odd because I was actually thinking like Sheila that she might be Christmassy! You must have a magic touch Janet because the link on my post doesn't work for me at all.

  5. I like her leafy gown, Janet!
    Glad you had a happy Thanksgiving. Have a happy, creative weekend.

  6. tammy vitale6:05 AM

    She makes me think of a fall, leaf clad fairy....or ice (all soft blue and white) - could go either way - which is nice...will look forward to seeing the finished piece.

  7. Just noticed that I had internet service for a rare change and so I hopped online and am quickly trying to catch up on everyone's blogs! No time to post my own entry but I had to come on over for a quick visit and see what all you'd been up to! I love your artwork! Happy HOLLY-days, too! I wish they'd get my darn cable fixed. Sigh...

  8. She is beautiful Janet. You have great talent! She is almost, feathery!
    I will have to check back and see what you do with her...
    Have a great Sunday!
    (Lucky you to have a studio..!)

  9. I like this, beautiful. Look forward to seeing how she ends up.

  10. very pretty! it looks like she could top a christmas tree! i love how your flower came out too!


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