Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dancing and Doodle....and Costumes

I spent the evening rather quietly for a Halloween. We don't have many trick or treaters....I think most families have private parties or something.

So I watched Dancing With the Stars and doodled. I guess I was in the Halloween mood because this is what I came up with....

In years past I have gone to the largest street party in the country....the West Hollywood Halloween costume party. Now if you want to see wild costumes then that's the place to be. The city blocks off several streets and people just flock to the area. I've heard estimates of 500,000 people and I believe it. It isn't a place for the tame or the timid!!

It usually gets pretty rowdy and raunchy by the end of the night but it's a lot of fun to just be there to people watch. One year I went with a whole group of friends. We all dressed in costumes and strolled along the sidewalks....people were everywhere! It was just one big (slightly drunken) street party.

But I haven't been in quite some time. The traffic just to get there is horrendous! If you're ever in the L.A. area at Halloween be sure to check it out....if you dare.

Note: These two photos from the Halloween street party are not my own. I found them online.


  1. LOVE the doodle - so marvelously whimsical!

  2. The doodle is great! I really like that. Can't say the Halloween Party Hollywood style really appeals to me much though - not really my kind of thing.

  3. Your doodle is GREAT!!!
    I've heard stories of that party down there. The one up here is in SF in the Castro and it gets crazy AND violent...I prefer to see snippets on TV as I can't imagine even trying to get near it let alone in the midst of the craziness.

  4. I think that party would be a hoot! We have parade of the Lost souls, which is similar with less people. I was suppose to go this year, but wasn't up to it. Halloween was always my favorite celebration, the last few years I haven't been into it! Maybe the mental pause thing...who knows, have I lost my sense of fun forever....or was that just a passing phase? I wonder! Fun doodle!

  5. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Great doodle Janet!
    I wonder what an 'expert' would make of it?
    You know, the ones who can look at our absent minded scribblings and tell us our most intimate longings.
    May be you just yearn to find an easy way to climb a tree or to live in a tree house? Mine never look like anything specific, they seem to just be squiggles.
    BTW.. that party looks a little too 'out there' for me, I must be getting old(er)!!

  6. What an interesting doodle Ms Janet!!

    Crazy people out there, I could just see me getting out in some halloween get up..teehee, it would amuse my kids.

    LOSt is on tonight..Im an addict..isnt it a great show?
    Peace, Kai.

  7. ooh I love your little sketch - it looks like a faery home xo

  8. Janet, I loved the pumpkin story and I am sure you did confuse you dad when they started popping up all over the place....that was wonderful.

    I think the Halloween party would be too much for me but it is great to look at in picture form :o)

    I just loved also your answers to your questions and the flower girl dress.
    Could I be rude and ask you how many of your dresses from "days gone by" did you keep. They are such treasures how wonderful to have them all.

    your Aussie friend Lee-ann

  9. Great doodle...I love tree houses,
    When I was much younger probably would've gone to crazy Halloween street party....These's home and fun with grandkids...I even go to bed before New Years sometimes...that's sad!

  10. I love your doodle! I'd like to live up there!



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