Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dancing Doodle....

Last night while watching Dancing With the Stars....I'm gonna get sidetracked right here....I think the dancing last night was so fantastic!! I love Emmitt! He is so light on his feet for such a big man. And Joey did an great job with his dances. I liked the tribute to his grandfather. He seems like such a family kind of guy. And then there's "bad boy" Mario! He is just so good at whatever dance he's doing. I personally think he's the guy to beat but at this point, who knows. They're all good.

Ok, now back to last night....I sat with my sketch pad, trying to think of something for art everyday. I love to doodle so that's what I did. This one is all flowers and leaves. I started with a simple flower and just kept expanding on it. This is just done on sketch paper with markers. I actually think it would make pretty fabric or maybe some wild wallpaper! And of course, it has lots of purple in it!!

Once again the scanner didn't capture the true colors. They look rather washed out here but they're fairly bright in real life. I love doing these doodles. I can just space out and draw!


  1. I am going to be so sorry to see DWTS end! I agree with you 100% about Emmett. He just has a natural style and grace and seems to have such fun!
    Mario, though, he's going to be hard to beat! I think he's a bit taken with himself however!
    Love your doodle. Looks a bit like grape clusters!

  2. Anonymous8:40 AM

    WooHoo! I love your art, Janet! It's great! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do for tomorrow!

  3. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Janet..I love it!
    I'm delighted by the number of talented and inspiring people I've 'met' since starting to blog just two months ago. It's because of people like you that I find I'm stretching myself to do things I haven't attempted for years..and I'm loving it. Thank you!

  4. That so-called doodle is gorgeous! I love the colors and design, and I think it would make a beautiful fabric. Keep watching DWTS--I think it really inspires you.

  5. wow. and you can still see straight?! My daughter does work like this. I have thought of doing a scribble - where you fill in each space with a different color - but I no longer have the patience for that even when I'm trying! I can admire it in others though!

  6. And another inspiration popped into my head. Doodling, of course.
    I used to do lots of it in my better days. Posted one of them in my blog.

    Your flower doodle is gorgeous!
    You must have tons of ideas in your pretty head. WOW, this is, once again a beautiful piece of art.

  7. this indeed looks like it could be a piece of fabric! I agree about Dancing with the Stars - Mario is the one to beat but they're all great! I do my best doodling while watching TV....I can't wait to see what you do each day!! GO YOU!

  8. What a neat piece for doodling. My doodles are always the same. Rectangles or boxes that I fill with roughly parallel lines. Nope don't even want to know what that means.

    Yep, Mario is the one to beat for technique and cutie pie points. Emmett is a light on his feet for such a big guy, but then he ran the he should be, I guess.

    I really don't like Joey, although I'm not sure why as he dances well and seems personable. I've been amazed at how they've all toned-up in the weeks of the show and how committed they been. Fun to watch.

  9. Oh,,I really want Emmett to win,,but I felt sad for Joey tonight,,I really liked him. Mario is too professional for me. But wah wah,,
    I Love your doodles,,I sure wish I could doodle like that! Have a great evening Janet!


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