Friday, November 17, 2006

Doing Something Good for Others....

The other day I was "blog browsing" and I came across this and thought it was a wonderful idea. So I'm putting the link here so if any of you knitters want to join in on a good cause you can do so. And here is a direct link to the site.

I'm also going to participate in the Red Scarf Project this year. I did this last year and really enjoyed it. There was something very rewarding about making a scarf that I knew would go to some deserving young person. This is done through the Orphan Foundation of America and you can learn more about their project here.

I crocheted the scarf for the Orphan Foundation last year. But maybe this year I'll knit one. Here's the one I did last year....

I used colors I had left over from other projects but tried to choose ones that could either be for a guy or a girl with red being one of the predominate colors.

I'm working on my art piece for today but I may not get it posted until this evening. I've got lots of errands to run today. That pesky "life" keeps getting in the way of my creativity!


  1. Janet...hope you are having a good day! I know when errands call to you...and you really just want to stay home in your jammies and create! Ggrrrrr! I'm looking forward to seeing the next scarf you make! Please come over to my house and teach me how to KNIT!!!!! Please oh please!

  2. Love the scarf colors! Some lucky boy or girl must have felt lucky to get it :)

  3. Sounds wonderful...don't knit, however, but I would like to find a group that does prayer quilts.


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