Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Gift and Two Interesting Finds....

A couple of days ago I received the most wonderful little gift in the mail from Sheila. Somewhere along the line I had mentioned that as a kid I loved paper dolls (and still do!) so this is what she sent me....

Are these just the cutest....

There are six pages of dolls and clothes, and I love them!! Thank you, Sheila!


Yesterday I had library books to return, so late in the afternoon HB and I got out to do that. Our library has a small cart just inside the door and it usually has a lot of paperback books for sale but occasionally there are a few hardcovers and once in awhile there's something good. And the price is 50 cents per book so how can I go wrong. There's a little lockbox with a slot to put your money into and it's all done on the honor system.

Most of the time I don't bother to look when it's just paperbacks but today I glanced over and saw a few hardcovers. I wandered over to have a closer look and the first one I saw was this....

The book itself is like new but the dust jacket has a couple of little chips along the top edge. The book originally sold for $35.00! There are lots of black and white illustrations and a few color photos, and also some advertisements from the era. I think this might be a book I use for art/collage. I'll do some research on it later and make sure it isn't something worth hanging on to but if there are a million of them online then I think I'm safe to cut it up.

Then I saw this book....

It's all in Japanese! This is the box-like sleeve that contains a red hardcover with gild lettering. And it's all printed in Japanese....pages and pages and pages of lettering to be used in collages! I have no idea what the book is about but there are a few illustrations and several photographs.

I was lucky to pick up a book written in some Arabic language not long ago. I thought that might be good for collages, too. It's a small paperback but the lettering is so interesting. I wish I knew what these books were about just in case I use a page in a collage and it turns out to be something either silly or really bad!!

When I'm in thrift shops or used book stores I always keep my eye out for books in foreign languages because they make great backgrounds for art. I guess that doesn't make sense to some people but if the book is cheap or mass marketed then I see no reason not to use it.


  1. oooh I'm GREEN about the Victorian Decor book. It looks so interesting, AAAARGH, are you really going to cut it up? :) and I haven't seen paper dolls in YEARS! I also used to love them, I really enjoyed your blog today, a kind of blast from the past!

  2. I have also begun looking for books like you describe. I came a cross some recently, and although they were suitable, they were far more then 50 cents!
    I'll keep looking, and I agree about the foreign language thing too...a little more mysterious and interesting.Have fun with the dollies...xo

  3. Ohmigosh! Janet,

    What a wonderful day you had. I love the paper dolls. I don't think I ever played with them much, but I love cutting them out and trying everything on at least once. Then mixing them all up. What great bargins you found at the library...just a very serendipitous day! Gotta love it.

  4. Oh I agree...the thrift store is a great place to find old books for art or to alter....foriegn language or even old school science textbooks are great....the paperdolls are so cute...are you going to frame them & hang them on the wall or use them in art?

  5. Janet you creative girl you!
    I love good finds, like your 50 cent books...such treasures.
    My mum has got me interested in collaging, so these ideas will be filed away in my brain until I need them..thanks for the inspiration!
    What about a Memoirs of a Geisha altered book or something...?

  6. Those books are such great finds, and I love the paper doll! My sisters and I used to sit for hours and make clothes for paper dolls. Now I want a paper doll to make clothes for!

  7. what great finds...I am always on the look out for books i can use for collage. You know if you have a book you aren't sure of in terms of its value...bUT you want to use it for collage...photocopy them. I've done that a lot so that if I want to use the image or words again I can. You can do a color copy if the pages are weathered or distressed to keep the same look.
    I received some paper dolls as well, too bad we didn't live closer...two grown women chatting as they play!! lol! aren't they wonderful?
    I hope you are feeling better!

  8. My daughter is learning Japanese. She said the first character in the title means River, and the last character is 2.
    At the bottom one of the words says Nihon, which means Japan, and another character says school.
    I haven't used books for collages - too afraid to cut them up, but that is such a wonderful idea!


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