Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Hedy" gets new hats....

I have been crocheting again!! In the evenings it has been nice and chilly so I dug out my hooks and got busy. (And just so you all know, I haven't finished the black and white afghan for Molly yet!)

The first one (modeled by "Hedy") is a Nepal/Tibetan inspired hat using 70% wool and 30% soy yarn. I loved working with this yarn and the end result is very soft. The hat has ear flaps and a little "tail" at the top.

The next hat is just a plain beanie style that I embellished with some leaf shaped additions in autumn colors. The hat itself is made using a tweedy, light green acrylic yarn. And there's a vintage button on top.

You can see the button on this top view....and I think the colors are more accurate in this next photo....

I love making these hats even though I can't wear them. This style of hat is NOT for me!! Molly looks great in them so several usually end up going home with her. I have, in the past, sold a few on ebay.


  1. Loving the hats. and the one with the button is just the way I like them. The other type of hat is very popular this winter, at least what I have seen people (specially youngsters) wearing already.

    You have done a nice pair of hats

  2. Cute hats, but probably not a style I'd wear. On the right person, they'd be very stylish!

  3. These are adorable, pretty funky hats you have there!....I have crocheted my whole life! Now my hands fall asleep or get too achy! Every so often I get the gumption to try something new. I agree they are more for someone youthful!

    Peace and giggle Sherrie

  4. Anonymous2:04 PM

    ooh let me know if you sell them on ebay again! these are great. We call them beanies here

  5. I LOVE that first hat (both are great but that's my fave). I have one of those peruvian style hats some place, we were going to where it was really cold one time and I did NOT want to wear the standard knit cap. You crochet so beautifully, I've never learned to do that or knit.

  6. Your hats are kewl, Janet. Very, very nice! I can't sew or knit or crechet a stitch! And I LOVE your artwork, especially the one that was inspired by your daughter. Your art is so colorful and bright!

    I was getting politician calls too and I am on DNC list, but I understand politicians are exempt from the rule.


  7. LOL crechet.........

  8. Anonymous5:46 PM

    These are lovely Janet, I learned to crochet, but never managed anything beyond squares. I should try again, my grand daughters love hats.

  9. Wonderful hats, Janet! I love the way you photograph them!

    I need to get busy on the knitted socks I want to make for Christmas gifts! You are an inspiration!

  10. Oh,,I Love those hats! What a great crocheter you are. I bet you could sell those hats like crazy on e-bay. They are darling!!

  11. Those hats are SO cute! (especially the second one...very different!)

    Loved your doodle below too.

  12. I love crocheting hats that don't look good on me. I end up giving them away to my daughter, who appreciates them. Your crochet is fabulous. I am visiting via 'My Serenity Garden'. You have a wonderful blog.


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