Saturday, November 18, 2006

Is it really fall??

I had to post one more photo today! I walked out to the backyard a few minutes ago and discovered two roses blooming behind one of the apple trees. The blooms were hidden by some of the lower branches so I couldn't see them from the house.

I thought they looked pretty against the weathered wood of the fence and had to share them with you.

I promise this will be the last post for today!!


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  2. I thought it was always summer in CA... LOL

  3. what rose is that? it's a gorgeous colour!

  4. Lucky you to still have roses. Gorgeous picture! I love the trees tops in the post below too. It's been fun reading your posts and seeing your art work. I agree, the last one would make a nice fabric. You're doing some neat stuff. You're a talented lady. I liked you meme too :)

  5. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Yes, they look

  6. Good Sunday morning Janet!
    Thanks for the compliment you left today. I really enjoyed the lady's artwork also. My hubby, along with yours, would never EVER dream of allowing me to do something like what she did. Altho, I'd truly love to do it myself!!

    The roses are gorgeous! And you're so right, the stark contrast against the aged fencing is just perfect.

    I also think your last 'doodle' with the pens is really cool. I love to dabble in sketching and oils and watercolor. I've posted some before (now in the blog's archives)'s one of my watercolors. I've framed this one finally, and have hanging on a wall. The watercoloring with the black was a challenge. Watercolor BIRD

    Have a great day.

  7. what luscious and beautiful roses and you're right about the contrast of them with the fence. great photo!

  8. I love the rose and I also really like the print you finished in the earlier post. My desk is sort of clean right now, but oh, my goodness not the dining room table or the quilt table. Seems I can keep one clean but not all of them. Welcome to the club! We should start a creative desk club!

  9. roses in November...only in California! What a vibrant pink!

  10. Beautiful, Janet. My back yard has some gorgeous yellow Cassia, but that's all for now! And lizards. Oh my,we have lizards the size of gators! I have an 005 also and like you, I find it is almost "not there" so I use it to bring ends together that I have missed. See you later girl!


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