Saturday, November 18, 2006

It's Saturday meme time....

You all know how I love to do memes!! And surprise this one is not from Deb but I got it from Maryellen!! It's an ABC kind of meme so here goes....

A is for age:
I just turned 63 in September
B is for Beer:
Don't like it at all. Don't like the smell, the taste or the look of it!
C is for Career:
Lady of the house!! I think I made a career of changing jobs. I've done all kinds of work but ended up being the office manager for a coffee importer. I haven't worked since 1991.
D is for my Dog's Name:
I don't have a dog but my cats are named Harley and LuLu
E is for Essential Item I Use Everyday:
I think I'll have to go along with Maryellen and say the toilet!!
F is for Favorite T.V. Show:
Oh, that's a no-brainer....LOST
G is for Favorite Game:
I'm not really into games all that much but I like to play spider solitaire or Mah-jong on the computer.
H is for Hometown:
I was born and raised in Decatur, IL but left there in '79 and have never returned.
I is for Instruments I Play:
A big fat -0- on this one. Nothing.
J is for Favorite Juice:
Right now I would say apple-grape juice because I can't have my favorite which is pineapple!
K is for Whose Butt I’d Like To Kick:
Mr "Shrub"
L is for the Last Place I Ate:
At home.
M is for Marriage:
I've been married three times. And they're right, the third time is a charm!!!
N is for my Name:
Janet Kay
O is for Overnight Hospital Stays:
When each of my children were born, and once when I had chest pains a few years ago.
P is for People I was With Today:
Since the day is just starting, it's just been me and HB
Q is for Quote:
I collect quotes and have too many to remember but the one on my Mary Engelbreit calendar for today is a good one - "If your ship hasn't come in - Swim out to it!"
R is for Biggest Regret:
Don't have much of that. What good does it do to regret something that I've already done. It's just part of my life experience and was there to teach me something.
S is for Sport:
You are kidding, aren't you?? I occasionally watch a teeny-tiny bit of football with HB but I'm not into sports.
T is for Time I Woke Up Today:
I didn't look at the clock but I guess it was probably about 7:00 AM
U is for Current Underwear:
Now that's a little personal....but since you asked, black.
V is for Vegetable You Love:
Purple cauliflower
W is for Worst Habit:
X is for X-rays I Have Had:
dental, wrist, and I can't think of any others
Y is for Yummy Food You Ate Today:
I haven't eaten anything yet!
Z is for Zodiac:
I'm on the cusp of Virgo/Libra so I'm a "Virbra" with Libra rising, moon in cancer.

And I'll post my art piece later in the day....after I actually come up with an idea and get it down on paper or something!! Right now it's looking like I might be doing a giant know, white out conditions!!


  1. This is a good one... maybe I'll have to try it too, although our answers will be very similar (you'll see, sister). I look forward, as always, to your drawing for the day, and am in awe of you for doing it. Thanks for red scarf idea... that's something I could do! BTW, I liked your mermaid very much, her hair AND her short (didn't notice) body.

  2. It is fun to find out this stuff. I think I love when you do meme's also.

  3. I tried this, hopefully I did a good job. Yours was a good one, thanks for sharing.


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