Sunday, November 19, 2006

Old Books Rescue an Angel....

We're having a lazy kind of Sunday. Doing a few jobs around the house, stopping for a few minutes to grab a snack, and then back to whatever we were doing. HB is also watching football.

So I got to sneak away to my art room but I don't have anything to show. I'm working on several things but you can't see them yet! I haven't even done my art for today!

But I do want to share something I made awhile back. As most of you know, I used to sell books online so I have quite a few old books that are not worth anything. So I decided to start using them for some of my projects. This is one of my favorite things I've done with them....

Three old books....two stacked on top of one another, and one standing open on top of them. Then I had an angel with a broken wing so I snuggled her into the pages, added some silk roses and leaves, a little moss and now no one knows her wing is broken. She was saved from going to the trash.


  1. Oh Janet! This is beautiful!!! Wow! I love it! Sorry for all the exclamations but this is lovely :)


  2. I really love this,it is so imaginative and pretty - how clever you are to take all these bits and pieces and turn them into something so attractive.
    Not many comments lately because most days I'm having trouble getting into the comments section of a lot of blogs, including my own!

  3. Hi, Janet (I finally snuck over from Judie's blog to sneak a peek at yours!) I've just started looking around and already it looks lovely!

    Love the books with the flowers and angel wings - that would make such a lovely table decoration. Have a great Sunday!

  4. I don't know what anyone else thinks, but doesn't this qualify as art!!?
    It's beautiful. I love old books and these colours are fantastic.
    Well done Janet..again!

  5. That is really pretty, Janet. Something like that would look nice on the little table out on my are very imaginative.

  6. Oh, its beautiful!! Wow!! You are very creative!

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  8. This is so amazingly beautiful I can hardly believe it did not cost you $500 at an antique show. This is fantastic Janet. Really. I'm not delivering an empty compliment, this is truly fantastic. WOW Your talents are endless.


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