Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Two to Make Up....

I'm feeling much better today. I think I just had a little tummy bug of some kind. I spent most of yesterday just being lazy. So today I'm having to make up for lost time.

I'm still working like mad on my Christmas things and hopefully some will go into the mail tomorrow. The others will be mailed out as I finish them.

For yesterday's art (which I actually did today) here is another of my ladies. No color yet but she will eventually get watercolored....

And since I was in the mood for ladies, here is the second one....this one for today's art everyday....

I didn't have time to do any color on either one of these. I barely got them this far!


  1. Oh Janet, I love them both, but I really love the second one down on your blog. I can hardly wait to see them colored. I did get half my loom warped and went and got a massage! Lovely day!

  2. Oh I forgot to mention that I love the Santa laughing and dancing. Charming!

  3. I will keep saying it Janet, your drawings are AMAZING...color or not they are true works of art!

  4. These are amazing Janet. I love them as they are, and you always colour them to perfection too. I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better..

  5. oh your ladies are BEAUTIFUL

    I can't wait to check back and find COLOR !

    Love your Christmas decor on your blog. VERY BRIGHT ! Just makes you feel happy when you get here.

    Love, S.

  6. They're both beautiful. I love how flowery they are!

  7. Oooooooooooooh Christmas Colour!
    I had my first Christmas dinner yesterday, so as today is the last day of November I am really going to try and start my countdown to Christmas this weekend, starting with decorating my blog! LOL!

    Love your ladies too Janet.
    It has given me an idea!

  8. Your ladies are delighful - they have so much potential without colour too.

    Good to hear that you are feeling a little better aswell.

  9. So glad you're feeling better. Your drawings are lovely-color or not. Are they pen and ink or pencil? I just bought a new crow quill pen and ink for the first time in years-It will have to wait till after the holidays. Where do you get your great CHristmas graphics? They're really fun-very festive

  10. These 2 ladies are a gorgeous study in fine line art. The first looks like and angel, the second a delicate brush of feminine persona.
    Oh, did I mention they are both brilliant? lol..
    Peace, kai

  11. Janet....your drawings are gorgeous. Very nice!! They are pretty in black and white...but I'd love to see again when you color them.

  12. You can't imagine how happy I am to have found your delightful and inspirational blog site.

    I am in 'heaven' reading through it - lots to still read yet.

    You have 'fired' me up with enthusiasm to 'play' with drawing or paint - but will have to be in the new year.

    You now have a regular reader Janet, and long may it be so

    Thank you - for the sheer joy of 'getting lost' in your site.

  13. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Hi Janet, you were at my blog earlier and left me a nice message about my Christmas trees. Thankyou!
    Your ladies are wonderful, as they are will you be adding color to them? Love your art!!

  14. dee - I mostly use micron pens to do my drawings. And my Christmas tree was from Dover and the dancin' santa was from a company my hubby uses.

    lottie - I am blushing! Thank you for all your lovely comments about my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed it and do hope you visit often.

    kerry - I may add watercolors but it won't be until after the holidays. No time!!

  15. I like the ladies,
    they are very beautiful and done with great talent.

    I like the way you did the skirt hems, you must teach me to do clothing folds, You are so good at it.

  16. hi, i also love the ladies, i love the black and white look, although for some wierd reason, they remind me of those drawings you see where specific flowers turn into fairies, but in this case veggies! (In a NICE WAY) i see the first one as an artichoke fairy and the second as a cabbage fairy, in glorious shades of grey green fading to purple? (Ok Ok, it's been a long week!!)


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