Tuesday, December 26, 2006

All the Good Stuff

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day. I can tell you I sure did. HB and I woke up early to see if Santa had left us anything and sure enough there were presents. I guess we were good 'cause there wasn't even a tiny bit of coal to be seen anywhere!

We had a delicious breakfast of Peach French Toast....the recipe is here except I used Hawaiian bread. I had to cheat just a little but it was worth it. And besides, I still haven't had any cookies!!

We ate our breakfast and then we opened a couple of things that Santa had brought for both of us. Here is a shot of the gifts all wrapped up and under our tree (another photo will explain that!!)

Here is the first thing we opened....

It's one of those George Foreman grills with extra grilling plates so I can grill, griddle, bake and make waffles. Being the Kitchen Wizard that I am (hahaha) this should make things a bit easier for me. Well, a gal can hope!!

We opened another gift for both of us....a new wireless routing system so that I can move my computer to whatever room I choose.

Then we decided to get busy on the dinner. HB did the cooking, as usual. He did a nice ham with potatoes, sweet potatoes, and broccoli as side dishes. I made Molly's favorite cranberry-pineapple jello (I posted the recipe at Thanksgiving) and I had baked three kinds of cookies. We don't usually have a huge dinner on Christmas Day and this was just enough.

Molly and Don arrived with two pies and more gifts. We had beautiful weather and at one point when Molly and I were outside we looked up and saw this rainbow effect in the sky. HB said it was ice crystals in the clouds....

After dinner we sat down to open gifts. Here is what I called our Christmas tree!!

It's a crappy fake tree that I put some twinkle lights on and said "that's it!"

We always have fun when we are together so that's all that counts. Here are some of my gifts....

From HB, the two magazines Art Doll Quarterly and Somerset Studio Gallery, the book "Moving On" by Sarah Ban Breathnach, two cds...."Siempre" by Il Divo and "Ugly Day" by Mamou (I have very eclectic taste in music!)and my usual Mary Engelbreit calendar, a new kitchen timer and more ink cartridges for my printer. I had asked for the timer and ink cartridges and the book. From Molly, another copy of "The Artist's Way" (I have read it but couldn't find my copy), "Autumn Gospel", "The Love and Power Journal", a copy of "Greatest Hits" from Kali Yuga and a fantastic purse. The adorable stocking card is from Don....he donated money to Darfur in my name and also in HB's name. (We also did our donations.)

We ended the day by playing Texas hold 'em poker and laughing and eating again. It was a wonderful, quiet, easy, fun-filled day....one of the best Christmas Days ever.

P.S. Molly gave HB the dvd of "The Secret"....you can learn about it here. We love it!!


  1. Now, I have to say, that is a pretty grill! You will be listening to beautiful music for a while. So happy to see everyone's Christmas. What fun! Still full and sleepy here. xoxo

  2. I Love the grill too. That is so neat. You really racked up this year. I am very curious about the Secret. I may have to order that one. Glad you had such a great Christmas!

  3. Ooo, that peach French toast sounds delicious! I've never had French toast made with Hawaiian bread, but I bet it's perfect for it, since it's kind of a sweet bread.

    What a treasure trove you hauled in! I'm so glad you had a happy Christmas (I laughed about the tree - if I'd had any pre-existing ones, I'd have tried that trick, too - we used a little fake Charlie Brown tree this year - and we were just as happy!)

    Hope you have a Happy New Year, Janet!

  4. Looks like you got LOADS of goodies and it was nice to hear you say "Best Christmas Day EVER".

    Love your tree ! GOOD JOB !

    Oh thank you for the recipe. What a nice breakfast you had ! and I want to try this now as well as it looks delicious ! and you confirmed that it was .

    Ice Crytals in the Clouds !
    what a wonderful picture and I did not know that ! Now I will think of you and this info when I see them.

    Now about The Secret...very intrigued ! Thanks for the link.

  5. Despite your Christmas spirit getting off to a slow start, you seem to have caught up with the rest of us, and had a great day. I'm so glad Janet..you must share with us what you can make on that nifty new grill.
    I'm off to check out the Secret..I love secrets..don't you..?

  6. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Janet, it's so nice to meet you. I saw that you posted a couple of times on my blog and then today on "Crossings," and I wanted to thank you for all of your comments. I've enjoyed reading about your Christmas and will linger a little while longer at your blog. I've heard so many great things about the G.F. Grill. Enjoy yours! Also, I'd love to hear how you enjoy Sarah Ban Breathnach's "Moving On." If it's possible for someone else to know and speak from another's heart, then this woman is the interpreter of all I wish I could say if I simply had a better command of the words.

    I look forward to getting to know you better!

  7. What a nice Christmas! I'm glad you had a good time and got so many wonderful presents! That always makes it fun!

  8. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Well it sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!
    I'm real glad about that.

    That french toast sounds delicious! That's one of my favorite breakfast foods!


  9. It sounds like a great day, Janet, and I loved seeing the photos. The rainbow one is really pretty! I found out that's what causes rings around the moon too (remember I posted a photo of one of those a while back?) - ice crystals high in the clouds.

  10. LOL Janet. I have a fake ficus, and last year it had lights and it was my Christmas tree! I think you and I think alike! :)


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