Monday, December 18, 2006

A Christmas Game

Sioux over at Sioux's Zest posted a game/challenge and I decided to give it a try. You are to google Christmas and the year of your birth. Then add the photos that you find.

I had so much fun looking back over photos from 1985 that I couldn't decide which ones to use. Wait a minute!! What do you mean that's not my birth year?? You mean I'm not 21? Oh, darn! I just can't fool you people!

Ok, the year of my birth is actually 1943! For some of you that probably sounds like ancient times. But believe me it was only yesterday!

So here are some photos I discovered....mostly war related. Some things never change!

This one was described as Christmas in the Solomons....

A magazine cover....

Soldiers again....

And this is the last one....Glenn Miller....


  1. Hello Janet,
    I see you around on my fave blogs, and I think I even had you on my sidebar at one stage, until I culled the list a while ago! But I still drop in now and then as your blog is always full of interesting stuff. I am interested in the poster(?) of Glen Miller - is that an album cover? Ken and I are great fans of the great Mr M, and have many records and CDs of his music.

  2. What a fun idea Janet! I`m off to google. Not sure whether I`ll post it, but it`ll be fun to see.
    Have a wonderful Christmas!


  3. Hey, Janet,

    I'm older than you! I was born in 1941! I can't wait to Google this. What fun.

  4. What a fun post....think I'll check it out.

  5. This is a great idea! I love your pictures - Glenn Miller is a favorite of mine - the movie about his life with Jimmy Stewart is just wonderful. In fact, I have a Christmas tune on my blog by Glenn now! :)

  6. I can count on you for a smile. I saw 1985 and didn't bat an eyelash...haha!
    I will have to do this too!

  7. this is really a great idea~ I am going to check it out right now!

    I found your link from Alix's Attic blog :)


  8. Thank you Janet (and Sioux)! that was fun....I found a group of wonderful old Christmas cards to use on my blog! (I won't tell you how old...but you can find that in today's post on my blog.)

    I really like the magazine cover you found!


    Here is a charming picture from years ago

  10. I missed this post last time around. It's fun looking at those photos isn't it. I was going to say 'old' photos'..but thought better of it...LOL

  11. Glen Miller! Wow! One of my all time favourite cd's to play on Christmas Day! Hels us get "In the Mood!" LOL


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