Sunday, December 31, 2006

The End of 2006

I've seen several people write about this year and say it hasn't been as good as they had hoped. I think that's how I feel about it, too.

However it has been a year of some significance. Molly opened her store in 2006. My grandson, the youngest of my grandkids, started high school this year! My oldest granddaughter and Rick's grandson both turned 18 years old this year!!

I started this blog in 2006 and it has changed my life. I would recommend blogging to anyone and most especially to older people. Too many times once you hit a certain age, people think you're old and have nothing interesting to say. I love the blogging community because unless you want to divulge your age (or any other personal information) no one knows. We aren't judged on age or race or religion or sexual preferences or anything else when we are blogging. We can be anyone we want to be....real or otherwise. I choose to be the real me but no one has to do it that way.

HB and I had a few ups and downs with our house this year and I think in the long run they will turn out to be positive although at the time they sure didn't feel that way!

This year I started to get back to doing a little art and I plan to do even more next year. I challenged myself to join the Art Everyday group and was so happy that I did. I plan to continue to challenge myself in the coming year. I think that's the only way to grow and stay mentally healthy.

I put myself on a strict regimen with my eating this year and it's working for me. I plan to be very healthy in 2007. I want to have endless energy and be quite fit. I have been walking on the treadmill and I am adding some weights into the mix and I'm also doing The Five Rites but I'm only doing the ones "in preparation" and will work myself up to the others in time. Molly does the regular ones every day and she looks fantastic....of course, she looks fantastic no matter what!! I will begin posting some little tid bits of my progress each day or so. And here is my first one....

I did my morning pages, my 5 rites exercises and 1.5 miles on the treadmill this morning. I hope you can see the numbers in the photo which unfortunately is a bit blurry.

So that's just a bit of what happened to me in 2006. When I write here at the end of 2007 I expect to have so much to say that you'll get tired of reading it all!!



  1. Hope you have a wonderful 2007!
    I look forward to each of your posts!

  2. Janet, you are just so cool and such an inspiration to me. This posting set me to thinking about the past year, and, yeah, some of it was pretty bad, but some of it was great. For me, the best part of 2006 was discovering blogs, first reading and lurking, and then blogging myself and getting involved in Art Everyday. This generous community of bloggers has helped me rediscover my love of drawing and of crafting in general. You are wonderful.

    Keep blogging in 2007!

  3. Happy New Year, Janet!

    I'm really glad we found each other in Blogsylvania and I still hope that one of these days you and HB move close enough to my part of the country for us to meet up for lunch or something!

  4. I love your positive attitude, Janet. I feel just about the same about the people I've 'met' blogging. Who knew that such fun and kind and interesting people were out there. I don't plan on doing an art project every day, but hope to have a new loom set up--and a lot of that goes to the extra steam I get from other's inspirations. Happy 2007. I'm going to take care of this new cold now!

  5. Hi Janet. Your forecast looks great. Thanks for the link to the five rites. I've never heard of this. It looks interesting and doable. All my best, Annie

  6. Happy New Year, Janet!!!

    Thank you for your ever so inspirational and positive post, I always get a little spirit from reading your blog.

  7. Happy New Year Janet....You are an inspiration!!

  8. Janet it’s been a joy getting to know you and watching you evolve in the blogging world. I too feel blogging has changed my life. Your daughters store sounds wonderful and right up my alley. I enjoy looking at life from a spiritual aspect and loved “The Secret” too. I bought it for my brother for Christmas, but I’m yet to own it. Peace, happiness and abundance for 2007 to you and your family! You may be our exercise inspiration or guru for 2007!

    Peace and Hugs Sherrie

  9. Hi, Janet,

    I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!

    I am just way too lucky to have met such a wonderful person as you are!

  10. I just wanted to say Happy New Year to you Janet.

  11. Anonymous11:47 PM

    You always have fun and/or interesting things to say, I enjoy reading your blog each day. The 5 rites sound interesting and I think I'll investigate further in 2007. Happy New Year Janet - look forward to getting to know you even better this year. Rowan

  12. Dear Janet,
    What a wonderful moment in time this is to think friendships are made and distance is of no importance.

    Your fiendship is ever so importand to this very plain and simple country lady all the way over here in Australia.

    I wish you your family nothing but the very best for this the year 2007 may you find it as you wish and may it be filled with joy today and always.

    Your friend.

  13. Blogging has been so much fun for me. I have made so many new friends, and you are one of them. I am so glad I met you last year, you are so cool! And you inspire me alot. I do hope you move closer so we can meet one day!
    Happy New Year, Sweet Janet!

  14. I'm glad you are blogging Janet, bee-cause I enjoy coming here! What is Art Everyday? Maybe I need that too. Happy New Year, my sister.

  15. Happy New Year, Janet!
    Thank-you for sharing your life and art through blogging. You are also the best at making sensitive, thoughtful comments!

  16. Happy new Year Janet, been really nice getting to know you.


  17. Hey Janet...Happy January 1st..!
    I look forward to your art...It was such fun to see what you did with the last project.
    I am going to check out the Five Rights..thanks for the tip..!

  18. Yes, everything you say about blogging is soooooooo right on! Thank you for yours. I look forward to seeing more of your art in 2007. Thanks for the Five Rites. May your efforts inspire me in a similar direction. Blessings!

  19. Janet,
    I can't wait to watch The Secret now and I also just printed out The Five Rites! I just am not very good at being disciplined. I start out pretty good, but can never keep doing the same thing over and over every day. My husband is just the opposite. He has eaten the same breakfast and lunch for thiry years, probably more. He exercises four times a week and is in great shape, other than a hernia that needs repairing! He does TM meditation twice daily and 8 minutes Abs EVERY DAY!!!! I wish I could be half as disciplined as he is!
    I do want to keep young and live long though, so I will try these Rites of the Monks! Thanks for sharing!

  20. I want to know you too and be friends with you. While visiting some of my blogs friends I noticed you several times and I decided Today that I wanted to introduce myself and get to know you better. Yes, Blogging is awesome. You are a very sweet person and I agree with you about trying to be artistic and helping ourselves to develop that gift with the inspiration of the rest of blogging ladies. Please let's be friends.


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