Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Few Random Bits for Today....

Blogger is at it again!! I spent quite a bit of time yesterday trying to comment on the blogs I regularly visit and I think I might have gotten one comment to actually register on a blog! So if I usually visit your blog and I've been absent you can blame blogger! I'm visiting....I'm just not able to comment! I'm sure the same thing is happening to people trying to comment here, too.

In the afternoon I went to the library and right out in the middle of the main area they had a big display of Christmas books. I found one I thought was very appropriate in view of yesterday's blog subject...."Simplify Your Christmas" by Elaine St. James. I also got "Christmas Crafts and Customs Around the World" by Virginie (yes, that's spelled correctly!) Fowler. I think I'm going to enjoy both of these little books. I've already skimmed through the "Simplify" book and it sounds like just what I need.

The other thing that happened yesterday was a surprise, just bee-cause and for no particular reason, an envelope arrived from Maryellen and look at all the wonderful little patterns it had inside....first all these wonderful Santas....

And then all these angels and miscellaneous Christmas-y things....

All these little patterns are beautiful and the fact that Maryellen just sent them to me for no reason is the most wonderful thing!! I use little patterns like this for so many things. They are, of course, good for doing cross stitch or needlepoint items (think gifts for next year!!) and they're also good for all kinds of other applications, too. Many times when I'm trying to draw something and I can't remember how it's supposed to look, I look at books and patterns like these to inspire me. So thank you, Maryellen, for thinking of me and for sending me all these goodies just bee-cause!!

Since I'm on the subject of Maryellen, I might as well tell you that she also sent me my first ever ATC!! I know everyone talks about these, makes these, trades these, etc but the only ones I've seen have been now I have one of my own and can see what they look like "in person"....and this one is delightful!

My scanner didn't do it is much more vibrant than it appears here and for some reason the glare or something makes it look as if there's a glob of white on one of the packages. It isn't like that in person. So thank you once again, Maryellen. Now I see how small these are!! I think I should probably stick to bigger things with my clumsy fingers!!

On a completely different subject, I was visiting here and learned about a site where you can "make" snowflakes for a good cause. It's fun so check it out if you have a chance.


  1. I've had trouble at times leaving comments too, Janet. I've found if I go to the main "entrance" page and log in under that I usually can leave comments. Weird! Also, I loved the patterns and the Artist Trading Card. I'm not quite sure what they are are or why make them, but the ones I've seen on line are charming. I'm so sorry the one you received isn't scanning better. Some a' do and some a' not as my son used to say when he was a toddler.

  2. blogger is driving miss robyn insane! I can't even access one of my own blogs - sheesh - just what we all need right now - a menopausal blog!
    Mary-ellen is so so generous & sweet! what gorgous bits she sent you!
    that simplify Christmas book sounds like a winner to me! let us know any secrets :)

  3. Blogger is not letting me leave comments either today again. We'll see if this works!
    You recieved some scrumptious things Janet..lucky you..!
    Simplify Christmas sounds like a book a lot of us are ready for!

  4. Woohoo!!!It worked..

  5. I have spent the last half an hour making snowflakes, and tried again and again. It was fun.

  6. I really liked the snowflake thing, that was fun. I had to look at a bunch of them---some were really incredible and to think they come from all over the place. What a great package to get in the mail, many blessings to your friend.

  7. Seems like blogger was only letting me sign in with my google account which doesn't use my is frustrating when things change for the more complex overnight, it seems.
    I liked making the snowflakes too!
    Your package from Mary Ellen was delightful.

  8. Wow you posted it. Cute. Glad you liked the patterns that much. Tonight I will check out the snowflakes. Right now I'm off to work. Have a great day Janet. And I didn't send them for no reason, I sent them because I know you will use them and I won't. Needle point gives me tennis elbow, so can't do anymore. So enjoy.

  9. Now you must do some of you wonderful drawings on a ATC and sent it to Maryellen,,and then send one to me, and etc... I think you would be a great ATC artist!!
    And yes,,Blogger has been a pain in the @$#. I haven't been able to post on your blog all week. But you have been in my thoughts!

  10. Let's see if Blogger will cooperate with me today! Congratulations on getting your first ATC and such cool patterns,too. Glad you liked the snowflake site!


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