Monday, December 11, 2006

A Gift and My Two "Kids"....

Yesterday I stayed in during the morning and worked on MORE Christmas cards. But in the afternoon I got out to deliver a little gift to a friend of mine....Kathy has a blog here and she is the person who gave me knitting lessons earlier this year. She is such a talented person.

Anyway I took her a gift and look what she gave me!!!!

She made this! Isn't it just the best Christmas bracelet?? She tried to tell me it was easy to make but I doubt that! Maybe for her but not for me. I just love it and have been wearing it ever since she gave it to me.

On a completely different subject, I think Harley and LuLu are keeping a watchful eye out for Santa....hoping he might come early. I came around the corner just a few minutes ago and caught them staring out the patio door. Sorry the photo isn't better but I forgot, in my haste, to set it for light behind my subject. Oh, well....I never said I was a photographer!

Don't they look cute? That's LuLu on the left and Harley on the right. He is back to his old self after his near death experience a few months ago. But he isn't allowed to go outside anymore. They are definitely like "our kids" and get pampered and spoiled.


  1. great bracelet. Love those cats. Mine were always my babies too. I used to make them home-made food. Chicken livers were a fav. Spoiled brats they were but I adored them.

  2. you know - those colours are of the chakras too - wearing it will help balance them! which means you can wear it all year and not just at Christmas time xo

  3. For some reason I couldn't get a picture of the bracelet. Waaaa! I bet it was lovely though!

    I really like your kitty cats! What a couple of sweeties. Have you looked at the web site for The Daily Kitten? Fun stuff every day!

  4. thats a gorgeous bracelet, very festive.. Your kitties are precious!!
    Peace, Kai

  5. Nice bracelet Janet...lucky you!
    My two cats were litter mates, and would sit like this, staring out at the garden, looking for birds, that they couldn't catch, and wouldn't know what to do with if they had...LOL

  6. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Beautiful photo of your cats, Janet. And that bracelet is quite lovely!
    One's pets are definitely like our children...just fluffier ;-)

  7. What a cool bracelet Janet!! I am like you,,it looks hard to make,lol. Harley and Lulu are a cute couple,,and they do look like they are looking for Santa!

  8. Okay, careful not to blow a bulb on that thing is WAY too cute!
    Also, those felines are just mouse-watching I bet...passing their sweet time. I love those two they are big and fat and all cats should be!

  9. What Dee said about the chicken livers made me remember when we were kids and your mother would go to all that trouble to fix liver and wasn't it cream for your cat. We do tend to spoil them, but they give so much in return.

  10. What a cool bracelet! Love the photo of the kitties silhouetted in the window like that - it would make a great painting.

  11. Janet,

    I love the bracelet! I just tried your blog this morning and the picture came right up! Yippee! What a cute idea and very festive for Christmas!

  12. I make jewellery and can tell you that the bracelet was made with a lot of love and care, so cute! Thanks for visiting my blog. It is hard when you don't fit in the regular mold, isn't it? Especially when it comes to holidays. I hope you enjoy the upcoming winter solstice and that your cats see Santa soon!


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