Monday, December 11, 2006

A Gift and My Two "Kids"....

Yesterday I stayed in during the morning and worked on MORE Christmas cards. But in the afternoon I got out to deliver a little gift to a friend of mine....Kathy has a blog here and she is the person who gave me knitting lessons earlier this year. She is such a talented person.

Anyway I took her a gift and look what she gave me!!!!

She made this! Isn't it just the best Christmas bracelet?? She tried to tell me it was easy to make but I doubt that! Maybe for her but not for me. I just love it and have been wearing it ever since she gave it to me.

On a completely different subject, I think Harley and LuLu are keeping a watchful eye out for Santa....hoping he might come early. I came around the corner just a few minutes ago and caught them staring out the patio door. Sorry the photo isn't better but I forgot, in my haste, to set it for light behind my subject. Oh, well....I never said I was a photographer!

Don't they look cute? That's LuLu on the left and Harley on the right. He is back to his old self after his near death experience a few months ago. But he isn't allowed to go outside anymore. They are definitely like "our kids" and get pampered and spoiled.