Friday, December 08, 2006

I Love Bargains!!!

HB and I had to get out to run some errands yesterday afternoon. He went to a home improvement store and it just happens to be right next to a thrift shop! I decided to browse the thrift since I noticed a "Sale" sign in the window. They weren't kidding!! I guess the store is closing and they had a 70% discount on everything!

Since the sale had been going on for several days, things were a bit picked over but I managed to find some great wreaths for next fall.

Here are the first two....

And here are the next two....

The colors are not very accurate on these photos but it's the best I could get. My couch is actually a golden brown color! It looks very muddy here.

Each one of these wreaths still has a tag on them from the original store (they have never been used) and the price on them is $29.99 each! I got them for $1.50 each!!! Do I love a bargain, or what! Four wreaths for $6.00!!

The first wreaths are all leaves but there are some areas where it would be easy to add some little gourds or mini pumpkins or small things like that. The second bunch are made from 'mums and since they're on a styrofoam (completely wrapped) base it would be easy to add some things to them, too.

I know I've been getting rid of things but I just couldn't pass up these bargains. They also had a lot of fall motif garlands and picks and small sprays of flowers but I just wanted the wreaths. I figured I can really perk them up with some additions, and they aren't even half bad just the way they are. So I'm all set for fall 2007 wherever we might be living!


  1. Oh Girl...I'm right there with ya!!! Don't ya love it!!!!

  2. I came I read, but my keypad packed up so couldn't comment - so here I am again.

    Great bargains and what a good idea to add things to the wreaths to make them original.

    Love your topics Janet - and the Christmas red is brilliant - all nice and cheery.

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  4. THOSE ARE TOO PRETTY!!! wow, did you ever score on the wreaths Janet!!
    I like both sets, like spring and Autumn.. :) well done..
    (Wanna go shopping? lol)
    Ohhh, before I forget, on monday in lieu of Heroes theres a SCIFI show called the LOST room, it looks very interesting and everyone wants the key the guy
    Peace, Kai

  5. Yikers what a bargain!! I love thrift shops too. And yard sales. And garage sales. And antique stores. And, and, and...well, you know! :)

  6. Oh, I would have purchased those too! YUM


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