Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I'm Tryin' But Nothin's Happening!!!

As most of you know, I'm just not in the Christmas mood this year. And I'm not sure why. There is nothing drastic happening in my life right now....I'm actually doing ok. I think it just has to do with all the hype of Christmas and the "buy" attitude of the stores and mass media. I don't need anything. The people who are close to me don't need anything. So why should I feel compelled to go out there and max out every credit card I have just to live up to someone else's idea of what Christmas is supposed to be?! So I don't! I have never put myself in debt to buy gifts and I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon.

I love to give gifts to people. I love to surprise someone just because I feel like it. I don't like to be told when and what to buy for someone. Giving shouldn't feel like an obligation....it should be fun and carefree. All the significant holidays are now tied up in feeling obligated to do something....something decided on by the media. Why do we need "special" days to let someone know we care about them? Why does the media get to dictate what we buy for that person? So I refuse to play their game.

With that in mind I'll just share with you a few old photos of Christmas times from the past. Now aren't you glad you stopped by!! We're going down Nostalgia Lane. Similar to but not exactly like Wisteria Lane!!

The first photo is one I love. It's my Molly when she was about three years old. We always had stockings and I think they were sometimes the thing my kids liked best!

I'm sorry about the glare. I told you before, I'm not a photographer! But I love this photo of her and her stocking....which was almost as big as she was! Those are my mom's legs in the background!!

This was taken the same year....

You're probably wondering where her brother is in all these photos. He was usually running around with all his new toys and proved to be a bit more difficult to capture on film! But just so you know there really are two kids in my life here's proof....

This was taken several years later. Probably about 1973 or so.

When my kids and I moved to California in 1979 I had a tough time of it for several years and these next photos show a corner of my tiny apartment and the itty bitty tree that we had. It was the first (and only) time we had a white Christmas tree. Molly wanted a white tree so I decided to give in!

And last, here is a photo of me and my tree sometime in the late 80's....

With just a couple of exceptions, I have always put up a Christmas tree. In fact, my mom always liked to tell the story of my first Christmas (I was about 3 months old)....we were living with my mom's parents while my dad was in the navy (during WWII) and Christmas trees were hard to come by, also decorations for them. But my mom's Uncle Dan managed to find a small tree and a box of blue glass ornaments and I had a Christmas tree. I still have a couple of the blue ornaments and a small piece of very scraggly garland from that tree.

So without further ado, I will leave you to enjoy your own trees and hopefully I'll get the spirit to put one up before Christmas....but don't hold your breath!


  1. Can I ever relate to your post. I can't stand feeling like I'm being manipulated into feeding the "gift greed" at this time of year. I'm really not into material things either and if I give anything I would prefer to add the personal touch but that isn't very "in" these days. If it's not a DVD or a CD, it's not "cool".

    Adorable pictures! They really look like my family Christmas pictures too. I agree, stockings are the most fun.

  2. Amen sister! I also have a problem with, feeling like you HAVE to give because it is Christmas. It is much better to give something, preferably home made, just because you care and want to.

    The picture window in the one picture sure does look familiar.
    Great photos, I remember when they looked like that. Gail

  3. Anonymous11:51 AM

    I don't really get into the shopping thing either. In fact, I usually don't. I make some gifts for some loved ones though. I don't even mind not getting anything. I just like Christmas for the love and warmth and smiles (and cookies). People are a little kinder during this time of year. I wish they were that way all the time...

  4. I've always subscribed to the 'Christmas is a feeling' thing.
    It's not about what you get, though sadly it seems to have evolved into that. There were years when we had lean Christmases but they were no less happy for that.
    I love your old photos, I have so many like that. I must look for them...
    When my children were small I always made sure they knew that Christmas was Jesus' birthday, I wonder if they remember me saying that. They used to tell other people that and get some strange reactions...sadly enough.

  5. we are SO on the same page about this! Why must we be sheep and follow the suggestions of the advertisers to get up to the eyeballs in fake spirit and debt!
    I loved the your walk down memory lane. I have been having a ball going through old photos for the Africa series, and found some adorable ones of our early Christmasses with the kids, and also a couple of our pets. will post soon.

  6. The pictures are adorable.

    I am not in the Christmas mood neither. I know why, I have too many projects on the go, and one is third times done, and still no good.
    Not happy.

  7. You know what Janet, I quit the commercial side of Xmas years ago with my daughters agreement. And now we truly enjoy it. We don't decorate and go berzerk with credit cards buying things people don't need. What I do now, is if I see something I know someone wants, any time of the year, I get it for them then. Why only once a year in a huge societal stress filled way. I like to hear the caroles and sing along, spend the day with my daughter without stressing, see the houses decorated with lights and feel young again, and not spend money I don't have. That is my way of doing it for the last 15 or so years. Works for me. I'm right there.

  8. Shopping makes me gag this year. I can't stand the stores...buy this...wear this...who cares? What about love? World hunger? Being nice to people when it isn't Christmas?
    Bah humbug.
    Janet, unless something changes, when my kids move out, I will celebrate the way I want to-with no gifts...just a good meal and some good company on the day of.
    Christmas is more than just trees and ornaments. Love ya Janet!

  9. I think I wound up with that school house! I still have it :) Memories....

    Jenn :)

  10. I tried to leave a comment here yesterday...maybe this will work.
    the photos from past Christmases brought a lot of memories for me too. Times when the childrena nd the trees were smaller. I love it that you gave your daughter a tree the color she wanted!


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