Monday, December 04, 2006

I've Been "Challenged"....sort of

You all know how I love memes! And here's a surprise....I'm doing one today! And here's another surprise....I didn't get it from Deb!! This one came from Vicci.

I'm supposed to tell you six weird things about myself. Wow! This could be difficult since I'm not weird at all!! I can hear you laughing! Stop that! Ok, so I might be just a little bit weird....when I asked HB what some things were that made me weird, he asked me if I would sign a letter stating I wouldn't hurt him in any way if he told me!! Can you imagine that?? :-)

Well, whatever. Here I go. Six weird things about me....

1. I count things all the time. When I'm driving I count other cars on the road, I count utility poles, road signs, houses on a block....I count anything and everything. I also do a counting thing with colors. When I'm watching tv or a movie or even sometimes when I look at a magazine I will look at one particular color and then count how many other colors I can see in that picture....but they have to all be touching each other and not repeat.

2. I have that thing about snakes. HB thinks that's weird. I don't!

3. I have a great memory for a lot of things, and I love to read but I can read an entire book and finish it and not be able to tell you what it was about....sometimes I can't even tell you who the main characters were! But at the time I'm reading it, I know the story and follow along.

4. I like to do laundry! Let me qualify that just a teeny bit....I like to do laundry when I have my own washer and dryer. But doing the laundry is not a chore for me. I would much rather do that than some other cooking!

5. I'm not good on the phone. I can't seem to communicate very good on the phone! And please don't ask me to conduct any kind of business by phone because I will screw it up for sure! I seem to lose my brain when I have to do anything on the phone. I just can't seem to think straight. And forget about cell phones! I had such a difficult time adjusting to using one of them that I think HB thought I was retarded!!

6. There are some things I can be meticulous about (housekeeping is not one of them) and even a bit obsessive! I like all the hangers facing the same way in the closet. I like books arranged by size on the book shelf....sometimes by color, too. (Although after selling books online for several years, I've kinda gotten away from this.) I used to alphabetize my spices in the kitchen but I gave that up a long time ago. So the dust bunnies can take over the house but good grief, make sure the hangers are correct and the books are lined up!!

I'm also going to mention one other thing that HB finds extremely weird about me....I think it's just a personal preference. I don't like ketchup on ANYTHING!! Not even the all-American french fries!!

Now do you really think I'm weird??!! No!! You're kidding me, right??


  1. Janet...This is you aren't wierd...sounds normal. My hang up is Dining Room chairs must be tucked in under the table.

  2. I don't think you're weird. I think you're very cool!
    You know what? I make sure all my hangers are facing the same way too!
    Also the cans of food in the pantry shelf have to be lined up by their labels. Sometimes I'll even fix the cans at the grocery store!
    Have a great day!

  3. aren't weird. I face up all my cans in the pantry, hangers all have to be the same way, and clothing in colours order. I despise ketchup, and can't understand people who put it on everything.Cups and mugs have to be placed in cupboards so the handles all go in the same direction. I hate the phone,I could go on...I think us weirdos should stick together..LOL
    I have another that I didn't put on mine. I have a phobia about people handling both unwrapped food and cash in a store without washing their hands. I've been known to say 'no thanks' and walk away leaving them holding whatever it is!

  4. Weird!? Heck we all are. I can identify with the snake thing. I like my clothes and hangers all facing the same way and tend to get a tinsy bit irritated when they aren't. I think my strangest thing is that even if I have to leave the house in a hurry, I want the bed to be made. Heaven forbid that someone! Anyone! Should have to come into the house for a nightgown for me and my bed wasn't made--you know like I was in an accident. It just nearly kills me to have to leave and not have the bed made.

    I do like catsup, but I don't mind having vinegar and salt on a lot of things either, like french fries. I don't have the cans of food thing, nor the counting thing--all the time, but I do have the book thing. I know exactly what you mean. So, heavens no, I don't think you are weird.

  5. Janet, I started to say that I thought the hanger thing was weird. Then it dawned on me....mine all have to face the same way too. It never occurred to me that I did that until now. Does that make me weird too? Well, maybe but at least I don't like to do laundry.

  6. I agree with everything on your list except ketchup. I like it, but only on eggs. I know,you are all chucking right now. Sorry guys.
    I can't eat eggs without salsa on them, ketchup or chili sauce. Need that tomato base I suppose.
    As for you Janet, I like all your weirdness...the hangers facing the right way I agree with too.
    Do you put the toilet tissue on the roll rolling over or under? It has to roll over for me or I go nuts.
    Love ya!

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  8. gemma - me, too.
    sombra - I've been known to straighten up things in a store!!
    sheila - HB is like that about people handling food.
    mary timme - my bed gets the covers pulled up and the pillows plumped
    kathy - Yes, you are weird!! Just kidding!
    blue - yes, the toilet paper must be put on with the tissue rolling over the top. And it drives me crazy too!!

  9. You are not weird!!!! I can't stand ketchup either..on anything! I don't like creepy crawly things...see....YOU ARE NOT WEIRD! What have you been doing?

  10. I'm a counter too. :-)

    And while I don't actively dislike ketchup, I'd rather use other things if I want a condiment or dip. I can't think of anything where ketchup would be my first choice, including fries. (I like to dip fries in tartar sauce.)

    I like the drawing you posted today!


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