Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Little of This and a Little of That....

I'm sure you've noticed I took down my Christmas on the blog. I'm ready to get movin', on the upcoming year. I have lots of things I want to start incorporating into my life and many of them will also be part of this blog. I'll tell you more about that soon.

Several people were interested in my new grill. I used it for the first time Tuesday evening. So far I love it!! I did some grilled marinated tofu! I can just hear some of you out there groaning but it was very tasty. This is what I had for my dinner....

There's the grilled tofu, a small golden potato (baked) and green beans steamed with chayote squash and mushrooms.

The grill was easy to use, cooked very evenly and was also easy to clean. You also wanted to know what you can cook on it....well, since this one comes with the extra grilling plates (George Foreman G5) for baking and waffles it seems there's no limit to what you can use it for. The recipe book that was included has things like scrambled eggs, sour cream blackberry waffles, several panini recipes, focaccia, quesadillas, grilled veggies, beef, lamb, pork, name it. I'm sure HB will be trying some steak or chicken before too long. I would have to say that for a kitchen appliance this one is excellent!

I received another wonderful Christmas ornament in the mail. This one is from a friend of mine, Debbi in Montana....she said she made 50 of these to send out this year!! It's simply adorable....and measures about 4-5" tall....

I listened to some of my new music and HB and I watched "The Secret" again. You can see small bits of it on YouTube. I tried to put the video on here but don't think I did it right. I'll try again later. It may show up in some strange place on my blog!! So watch out for incoming videos!!


  1. That grill sounds great! Loved your wild and crazy Christmas story!
    Have a wonderful New Year Janet :)


  2. Jan,
    Gee, I wonder if I can find a great sale on one of those GF's grills now!
    I have a little tiny one of his I got years ago, but your new big one sounds super! ALl I can cook is one chicken breast or one hamburger at a time on mine. Plus, it's not real easy to clean either. I'm very tempted!
    Your Christmas sounded heavenly and relaxing.
    Love that little stocking ornament, what a treasure!

  3. Janet!!!! Cool grill! 2007 is almost here!!! love ya!

  4. Pretty new color on your blog...I want to do something different too....wish I knew how to do some magic on mine. Hey the tofu sounds good to me....I like it and it can be very tasty.

  5. I know where to get a G.F.grill...but where do I get will power like yours...!
    Every cookie and candy I've eaten in the last two days, was going to be the last one..!
    I think resolutions are called for in 2007..!

  6. Red was fun, yes... but it's good to see your true color again. Speaking of which, have you ever seen the book True Colors? I bet you'd like it. Also loved the ice crystals picture from yesterday! Thanks.

  7. I could not wait to get my Christmas decorations down on my blog!
    It is taking all my effort not to get them down here at home too.
    I have a whole new blog ready to go ~ cannot wait to see what you have in store.
    I am looking forward to blogging with you in 2007 xo

  8. Glad to see you have had such a lovely peaceful Christmas...and the special beauty of the ice crystals in the clouds was amazing!

    I really like the new lavendar color of your blog!

  9. The Tofu looked good!!!

    I have just read back a few posts - what a lovely Christmas day youhave head as well.

    I am so gladyou were spoilt!

  10. I LOVE Tofu!!! Especially with chinese veggies. :)

  11. Janet...thanks so much for visiting my blog..and come by again anytime.
    It sure looks like you had a wonderful Christmas and the grill is fabulous. Everyone needs one like that !!!!
    My decorations are all down and put away, too. I have so much I want to do in 2007 that I've cleared my path and I'm ready to move on !!!!

  12. Glad you had a good Christmas! Your new grill sounds like it would be a great kitchen tool!

  13. Anonymous9:59 PM

    The sock Debbie made is really great. I used to use this basic pattern to make hippy sweaters back in the day. Cute

    Maryellen - not logged in. OOPS

  14. Aaaahhh, I like seeing the purple back again. This looks more like you! :-)

  15. Anonymous11:19 PM

    Glad to hear that you had such a good Christmas. The grill sounds good, they are available over here in UK but I haven't got one. I'll have to take a look at them. Shan't be fighting you for the tofu though:)
    The photo of the ice crystal rainbow was beautiful, I didn't realise that such a thing existed.


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