Monday, December 04, 2006

More goodies in the mail!!!

Once again the mailman has brought me a wonderful surprise. Hb came back from the mailbox with yet another package addressed to me....this time all the way from Daisy Lupine in England.

She sent me a wonderful bird with lots of sparkly bits and blue tail feathers. Oh, why am I trying to describe it when I can show you a is the birdie and the card from Daisy....

Isn't this just the most wonderful little bird you've ever seen? I am going to have to keep a close eye on Harley and LuLu that they don't try to "catch" these pretty birdies that I'm receiving!! They're going to look so festive and pretty on a little tree in my studio.

I am feeling so happy and so lucky to have received such creative, special gifts from my blogger friends. Thank you!!!!


  1. Gosh another gorgeous bird and what a pretty card too. Is this an organised swap you do each year. How clever to pick a little bird - light enough to post all over the world.

    Are the all from the same pattern? Is the pattern on the web? I would love to have a go at making some.
    Thank you so much for your lovely birthday wishes. Such a kind thought.

  2. What a sweet bird. And, of course, lovely card! Definately a good postal day!

  3. I love the red and you are just being so creatively profuse since your house got back together. I love coming and seeing your works of art. I love what you creat.
    Thanks for showing them to us.

    I haven't been doing much bloging lately. Been very busy with the 9for9 swap. It's done now so maybe I can socialize a bit more now.

  4. Bless you Janet, for sharing your lovely prizes. I feel like I'm gettin a treat, too.

  5. Lovely little bird...yep, better protect Jake would love to catch such a cutie! Isn't it great to have friends all over the world!?!


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