Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A New Direction....

There have been lots of changes going on. Yes, many of them have been right here in our house but the ones I'm going to tell you about today are changes for Molly and her business.

She opened her vintage furniture store back in the spring of this year. She had some immediate success which involved a taping for the HGTV program "Design on a Dime" with host Lee Snijders. I blogged about it here. But the program still hasn't aired and they can't seem to give her a date for it.

She had some incredibly nice items....designer furniture and decorative items....and she gave it her best shot but it just wasn't doing as well as she had hoped. But Molly is a true entrepeneur so she decided to go back to something else that she knows a LOT about, and that is books. She has a particular interest in metaphysical books and all things spiritual. So her furniture store is slowly morphing into a spiritual bookstore! She has named it Darshana and is doing quite well with it.

She is selling much more than books....candles, aromatherapy oils, gemstones, etc. All the things that you would want to find in a metaphysical/spiritual shop. I think this is much better suited to her. Furniture is such a big ticket item and not that many people buy furniture on a whim. But the books and other things are selling much better.

I've made a few ear flap hats using the wool/soy yarn and some other styles in 100% wool and Molly has put them in the shop. I'm also working on some little spirit dolls and we have some ideas for some small "treasure" boxes.

I'm also looking into having some of my artwork printed on blank cards. So that's what I've been up to, and also what Molly has been up to....she never lets things get her down for too long. That's what I love about her....she always comes back stronger than before.

And just so this is not a "naked" (no photo) entry here is a mosaic of some of my November art....


  1. Congratulations Molly (and Janet), I'm positive she will do well. Your cards will be amazing..
    I can see you are going to be busier than ever.
    Keep us 'posted' (hehe) on her progress.

  2. oh wow! well done - what a fantastic idea and if I ever get over there again, I will be her best customer for sure.

  3. A spiritual bookshop etc is a fantastic idea, which it was near enough to visit. Your artwork would make lovely postcards. So glad you liked the perky bird.

  4. Your artwork looks wonderful as cards, I suspect that those will sell very well. I do hope the change of direction works for Molly and that the shop is a huge success - I would imagine that a spiritual bookshop would find a wide clientele these days, it would in the UK anyway. Lots of happy, positive wishes coming Molly's way for the shop.

  5. Printing cards from your art is a great idea, where can we place our orders?:) I enjoyed your meme the other day, and was deeply surprised to see that someone else shares so many of my foibles, it is uncanny, but also comforting, do you think if there are enough of us we would qualify as "normal"? Maybe it will turn out that people who don't arrange books, forget books and movies right away, count things, etc are wierd! I have to say though, your love of laundry is not one we share, I have a serious allergy to ANY form of housework (except straightening pictures!!)

  6. Wonderful....my favorite kind of place is a spiritual Bookstore. I love your cards....I know you and Molly will do well.

  7. I think the spiritual book store idea sounds great - there used to be so many more of them, and now they're few and far between.

    I loved seeing the mosaic of all of your November art together. They would make very cool art cards.

  8. How gorgeous this all looks together.

  9. Hi Janet!
    You have been doing some very creative art and going in a good direction...with the printed cards and spirit doll plans....now, I haven't been reading your blog long enough...who is Molly?


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