Friday, December 29, 2006

A New Set of Goals For Me....

This year is winding down and I'm rather glad to see it end. This was a stressful year for me and even though nothing really drastic happened it seemed to be a "bad" year. I'm looking forward to 2007. I feel that this will be my year to grow.

I'm starting back into some old habits....good ones! I've been walking on the treadmill again and I've been doing morning pages (from The Artist's Way). I have kept a journal for many years but this past year I barely wrote anything. I did do semi-regular entries in my online journal....I blogged about it here. But now I'm committed to writing in my journal everyday. When I do this it helps me keep my mind from getting so cluttered. Between the morning pages and my journal I can dump out a lot of junk!! My mind needs a thorough housecleaning and a fresh start.

I'm also going to be doing some art every day. I read an article in the winter issue of Cloth Paper Scissors and it inspired me to set that as one of my goals for 2007. I'm trying to decide if I want to set a particular thing to create each day or just wing it. I think the structure of having a particular item would maybe be helpful but then it might get boring if I just make the same thing over and over again.

I was also intrigued by this that Laurie blogged about earlier....Project 365. At first I thought this might be something I would like to try but on further thinking I realized that with my little camera it might be difficult to get any good photos, and with my "wild and crazy, action-packed life" it might be difficult to get photos that would be interesting! I'm still thinking about this one! I've never been much of a photographer so this would really be a challenge.

I worked all day yesterday in the studio. No, not creating. Cleaning! I took a bunch of stuff to the attic because I'm trying to make room for my computer to be moved up there to the studio! The new wireless router that we got from Santa was for that very thing. I would like to have my computer where my art stuff is so that I could switch easily from one to the other. The biggest problem is getting the space to set up the computer! My space is so limited as it is but I really want the computer up there so I'm trying to re-organize the room....for the eleventeenth hundred time!

I'm also trying to watch either the full-length version of "The Secret" each day or at least the short clips on YouTube to keep myself going in a positive direction. Training my mind will be another challenge!

So all in all I have a full year planned for myself. I have some other goals planned too but those will come in a few more days. I hope that some of these things will be of interest to you and that you will enjoy what I have to share this coming year.


  1. Hi Janet, I did yesterdays meme. I should be doing something creative but I had a little list of holiday things that needed to be finished up and I would rather look at snakes than go to the store on Saturday. I'm glad you're feeling creative and can't wait till you get going. I too wuld love to have all my stuff in one spot(computer, art supplies, fabric, etc.) Don't tell my son but I'm eyeing his room for the future. Good thing I adore that guy or I'd be hustling him out the door real soon. He makes me laugh so I have to keep him around a while longer.

  2. I like your attitude Lady!! :)lol..I think on the 25th of each month, we should all do a christmas project..It's the only way Im catching up.. :)
    I look forward to the new **you** Ms Janet, hugs,
    Peace, Kai

  3. You are with it Girl!!! I am still sluggish from the busy holidays...still cleaning the studio....I do look forward to lots of art....good projects...blogging....taking lots more photos...and learning new things....2007 is almost here!

  4. I like the idea of having semi-resolutions for a new year, but I never make them. Still the idea of doing one big work and several smaller one, might work...

    I feel like 2007 will be a better year than 06 was. Not sure why, just think it will be better. Maybe we're secret sisters with different mother's...or something...

  5. You go for it, Janet! It's so inspiring to hear other people being inspired, it sort of rubbs off on me and I get even more boosted to do things.

  6. I am looking forward to your posts in 2007, I love your art, and YOU!
    Action-packed lives are for movie stars...who needs it.
    Everyday photos are just as intriguing.
    Hope your Christmas went well...and that attitude of yours is rubbing off on me. Thanks!!!

  7. I for one will be interested in what you have planned Janet. I'm looking for inspiration, and it's not happening.I'm cleaning up too, and trying to get organized so that when *it* hits me I'll be ready. (I just hope *it* isn't a 2 x 4 upside the head..LOL)

  8. A made up mind + a positive attitude = SUCCESS!
    I'm all for goals and being creative, it helps stretch the mind. Sounds like you are on the right track. Seven can be called the number of completion, so hopefully 2007 will be a good year for all of us.

  9. Hi, just catching up on the last few days, I LOVE the rainbow clouds on Christmas day! I like the idea of 365, we bloggers all seem so trigger happy with our cameras that it shouldn't be too much of a hardship! But the discipline of daily posting might be, I'm thinking of daily photos, collected into a weekly post to show aspects of the last week. Max and I have been thinking for a while of a daily or weekly photo of the same scene, put together at the end of the year to chronicle the seasonal changes, maybe somehow both projects could be combined? Hope 2007 brings much happiness and creativity at chez-bee

  10. Good luck with your goals!! I try to start out with structure, then end up going off on a tangent and end up with something completely unexpected!! Then I think, "now what did I come in her to do?"
    P.S. Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

  11. Great goals, Janet! Hope you have a blessed and happy New Year, filled with creativity and all of your favorite things. xo

  12. seems you & I are on the same kind of track, Janet - I started back walking two days ago - my creativity is coming back.
    I haven't read the artists way. Is it a good book? It is actually one on my list to buy in 2007.

  13. Anonymous12:06 AM

    A woman with purpose!- your plans sound intriguing and you seem to have the willpower to carry them out. I could use a little inspiration at the moment - with L having recently retired I need to do some re-arranging of my life and it isn't coming especially easily. Look forward to reading about more of your plans for 2007.
    Shall be trying the hot apple juice with cinnamon too. Rowan

  14. Great post, Janet ~ very motivational, thank you! :) All this talk of cleaning & clearing is quite exhausting, though! ;) I have the Artist's Way but have never yet 'practiced' it, so maybe that should be one of my goals for what I, too, have the feeling will be a better year. If I can just get myself into gear!
    Looking forward to more from you and wishing you everything you wish for yourself in 2007. All the Best!
    Suze xXx


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